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RDRC S9 Round 2 - Rally Sweden (15th February - 21st February 2021)


Sweden is historically one of my worst rallies, i have no pace in the snow at all, so i went into the run with the mentality of making it to the finish minimizing mistakes, instead of pushing like crazy like i did in Monte.

Biggest code brown moment was in stage 5, my tyres were dead, and i landed into a snowbank after a jump, causing a rear right puncture, and killing some spectators :unsure: therefore losing some time...

But still, it was a decent run to be honest, with a finishing time of 66:22.649

Looking forward to Rally Argentina next week!

Ah Sweden... :) the only rally in the game I don't really like, mostly because of my inability to distinguish between the road and the snow banks. I honestly have a hard time here, so the idea was to bring the Subaru to the end, not minding the times at all: just slow and steady. :rolleyes:

I was fully committed to this idea BUT its execution failed somewhere in SS2, so by SS3 my co-driver was already saying "There seems to be a problem with the engine". Yeah, no sh*t Sherlock, we just rolled-over twice, hit a tree, and broken the radiator. Of course there is a problem with the engine. From here until the first service area was just painful. :notworthy:

I managed to "fix" the car for the following 2 stages, and things started to go well from here. I picked up pace and didn't crash anymore until the very end. On service area 2 I used 29:59 minutes to get a brand new Impreza in place and boy, the last 4 stages were a lot of fun! Final time of 67:34, nothing to be ashamed of in my view. Hopefully I will score, but we will see, 15th for now.

These are really demanding rallies in my view, with few and short service areas, plus a lot of long stages. A bit of damage can carry a lot of problems later, so managing the car is quite important. I like the challenge, I'm just not good at it. :roflmao:


Jack Hintz

That Designer Guy?
I knew the Stratos would be somewhat of a disadvantage on the snow with the MR layout but spins and rolls aside I'm pretty happy to have finished where I did splitting "some" of the BMWs. Pretty safe to say that is the car of choice for Sweden! Bring on Argentina, here's hoping for some better luck then.
Rally Sweden finished after a intense fight with @mradical for the whole event. SS01 starts normal but SS02 was not as good as it should. 2 small and 1 big driving mistake cost time but luckily no damage on my BMW or a penalty for hitting a spectator.

found a new parking area in the forest

trying to find a good rhythym

flat out

a little bit sideways

For the rest of day 1, SS03 - SS08, nothing special happend to me and I found a good pace including the night stages. In day 2 with the last, long stages I was able to hold my position in the leaderboard.
Many thanks to the whole organisation team for this well prepared event and a awesome magazine.
Looking forward to see you at the next place: Rally Argentina.
I was running 9th on R5 class... ended up retiring.

Mind wandered off in stage 11 and I ended up "eating" a fence at 160km/h. Terminal damage.

I really shuld start meditating before racing or something, can't help my mind wandering :D.
So far my J-RDRC season not go well. Two events, two retirements. Monte was an unlucky mistake from my side. Now my suspension failed in the 10th stage. Although i never had before in DR2, i can understand as I has a pretty heavy shunt at stage 6 (i think), and i was using the snowbanks quite a lot.

EDIT: I consider switching car (and possible class) aswell to give some new motivation to continue the RDRC.
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Once again, Thank you to everyone who's working to put this event on and to all of the other drivers for sharing their experiences, recaps, etc. And also once again, the Magazine is an awesome touch!

Here's a video I found of a noob doing flips, barrel rolls and playing pinball between the snowbanks of Sweden in a perfectly good Fiesta:

Another Lancer driver here. For Sweden i too noticed that his setups are way too difficult to drive as i had no control over the bumps. I found that when it comes to spring rate and the bump settings, doing the opposite of what he is doing, makes the car feel a lot better. I would suggest doing that and then tinkering a bit to find the right balance.

IIRC, his setups that are 1 car per video, w/ 13 locations are time trial setups only should be used with Soft Tires / Dry Conditions (or default tire for surface.)

However, he has started tuning cars with a separate video for each location, and multiple setups for various tires and conditions.
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Matthew Allington

Wham!ming into Spanish rocks
The moment that my hopes and dreams died, an 85mph impact in the latter part of SS11 :cry:



Phil's "6 left into 6 right" is pretty ambitious when the corner I crashed at is a 4 going in the other direction! :thumbsdown:

Up until then, I had a nice clean rally (aside from a pretty harmless roll in SS4, very little time lost too!), no punctures, damage easily repairable in service. I was gaining a lot of time back in the final loop and hopeful for points after losing a lot of time being slow in the night.

Sweden is pretty, isn't it? It also has the habit of tanking my FPS...


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Lessons learned in Sweden.
  • Applauds to those who can keep the car stable between the snowbanks in the high speed sections. I have zero confidence in those areas.
  • Im completely blind in the dark. Me driving at night is a hazard to everyone out on the stage.
So on to the rally report. I knew I wouldnt be very fast here, not a big fan of this rally. SS1 went fairly okay but on SS2 it all went terribly wrong. Rolled the car twice but was lucky as there wasnt any serious damage to the car. Heaps of time lost ofcourse.
At this point my plan was now to go slow but steady and it paid off as I started climbing the leaderboard after each stage. How ever, on SS10 I did another classic mistake. Had a spin going in to a right hander just by the lake. I quickly pulled the handbrake to get around while I was still mid spin. I thought I was going to make it but instead of pulling forward the front latched on the snowbank and pulled me over it, hanging in the air.


There I was, like a beached whale waiting to be rescued.

On SS12 it was time for another slow roll. This time I didnt have the luck landing on my wheels. Luckily some drunk Norwegian spectators was close by to get me on my wheels :p

All in all, terrible rally on my end and I'm surely gonna be out of the points in the end. But hey, that's rally :laugh:





Had to leave Sweden to last day, as real life stuff was keeping me busy all week!
What a rollercoaster Sweden was - not only counting my barrel rolls, but also up`s and down`s in leaderboard!

First five stages went without major mistakes, so I ended up in 5th

Then til SS9 I managed to roll, spin and drop down to 9th

SS10 and SS11 was clean and granted me 6th position

Just to lose it all in powerstage, with multiple spins, rolls and reset... So 9th place it is for me...
Sweden remains one of my favorite rally locations in DR2.0... :)
See you all in Argentina!

Roy Magnes

Gentleman Driver
Managed to do the final loop of stages today, though in two sittings (because Codemasters being the masters of the code...).


The first 2 stages was fairly uneventful, I think ss9 was the best one I did of the final 4. For the powerstage it felt like someone had torn out all the studs in my tires just before the start, as it was a lot more slippery than the stage before. I got through again without any dramas, but lost some time hugging various snowbanks a tad too much along the way.


At the time of writing I am ranked 21st in class, so no points for me from this event either.... Time to make a change for Argentina, even though that is the rally I look forward to the least this season.


Norman Bruce

I came close to a second DNF in this one. My problems started from stage 8 onwards.
In stage 8 ( night ) I clipped a snowbank and then hit a floodlight generator, losing one of my headlights in the process, the other headlight was also damaged but working, flickering when I went over bumps.
Stage 9, car repaired ready for the final stint. I went all the way to the end of stage 9 and hit the finishing post as I crossed the line, damaging my radiator. Stages 10 and 11 my engine started to sound bad and steadily got worse. Stage 12, my engine almost fried but I made it to the end - eventually - with my engine in the state that it was my top speed was almost 60 Mph, but Argentina is easier, isn't it ?