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RDRC S8 Round 6 - Rally Wales (8th May - 14th May 2017)

Discussion in 'RD Rally Championship' started by Ole Marius Myrvold, May 7, 2017.

  1. bogani


    Not using any mods? They can cause those things.
  2. Dag Inge Hansen

    Dag Inge Hansen

    My God this was a hard one. Glad it's over! Thanks for this event and the whole season.

    Thanks to my teammate Simon Novak! He's such a reliable team-mate and rallyracer. Racedepartment is the best place to be. Thanks to the big community! Ole Marius, and everyone thank you!

    I knew it would take some sweat and tears in Wales. My last day was after a few days of resting and not driving much, and surely I had to start experimenting with setups. It's a struggle with the fine balance in this Lancia Delta S4. But ultimately I find the correct technique and settled for a setup. This time it was the dampers that I was wondering about, so I did experiment with the fast and the slow damping. Setting the fast damping all the way to soft, and the slow up to hard made a difference. I kind of knew about this, but was afraid to really try it. So it made the car bounce less in the normal/slow bumps, so then I knew it was the right way.

    Did my mistakes in the first two rainy stages, and then had no mistakes at the last three fair weather stages. I guess seeing the road clearly, really makes a difference.

    Number 18 overall. In front of me only one Group A and 3 Group B cars and no 2WD's, so this is really not bad!
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  3. Andy Jobin

    Andy Jobin

    Nup, all files matched by Steam
  4. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen

    Apoligies for not taking part in this round. I was planning to complete it yesterday, but my gf decided to have an all day hissy fit which meant I never got any peace and quiet.
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  5. MartinARG


    I see you're the fastest! Congratulations, friend!
  6. Andrew W

    Andrew W

    Happy wif-- er... Co-driver, Happy life!
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  7. Michael Nelson

    Michael Nelson
    #118 RMI Motorsport (RDLMS)

    Provisional Results are out! You can find them here
    As always, RaceNet-names that are unknown will be listed. Many of the same guys from earlier, it's due to the extremely slow and tiresome way to remove guys from RaceNet, it is faster and simpler to edit the results manually sadly.

    Drivers on this list have until May 17th 23:59 GMT to notify us about names to be included in the final results.
    Unrecognized RaceNet: ?? Yamato
    Unrecognized RaceNet: Ade
    Unrecognized RaceNet: bertalev83
    Unrecognized RaceNet: Budypanic
    Unrecognized RaceNet: CUCUMBER
    Unrecognized RaceNet: mc342ui
    Unrecognized RaceNet: NFilos
    Unrecognized RaceNet: old Nobbi
    Unrecognized RaceNet: Realista74
    Unrecognized RaceNet: RZr2jz
    Unrecognized RaceNet: Scheisenberg
    Unrecognized RaceNet: Schildsumpf
    Unrecognized RaceNet: Schn1tzel
    Unrecognized RaceNet: SNipeR
    Unrecognized RaceNet: SuperCaptainCS
    Unrecognized RaceNet: Toikkari_37
    Unrecognized RaceNet: volvo-plutten
    Unrecognized RaceNet: zefe

    Apologies for the delay in getting these out. Unfortunately due to a glitch in the RaceNet results with a driver disappearing for a few stages, the parsers went a bit belly up.
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  8. fifomaniak


    First of all, I love this rivalry we have in 4WD- class - places 5th to 11th are within 30 seconds of each other at the end of a rally! It's really not a lot, I was on top of this group in 5th fter 18 stages, but I've made a mistake on SS19 and dropped immidiately to 10th - that's how it is.
    Really looking forward to continue this with you guys on Dirt 4 with combined leaderboards, so I don't have to check Race Net after every stage:geek:

    Secondly, I've accomplished my goal of stage podium in class, which I'm very happy about. And I've managed to do it 4 times in this rally :confused: Before the crashes, after Ss5 I was 4th overall with only 2 seconds behind 3rd. I definitely wasn't expecting that on default setup.

    So thanks everyone for participation and especially to people behin the scenes, very well done to all of you. :)

    PS. Maybe anyone would like to team up with me for the next season? I'd gladly do some testing with setups, when I try to do them, I get this placebo effect that car seems faster, but the time is slower :D so I end up driving on default.
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  9. Matthew Allington

    Matthew Allington

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  10. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Premium

    Technically a DNF is a non-classified position:geek:
  11. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen

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  12. h0verfly


    From the six 60's I finish 1st (ok, only one other pilot saw the end of the Rally), and "only" 7 minutes behind the last Stratos and 5 behind Eckhart. I'm really happy!
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  13. PresidentSmug


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  14. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Premium

    Final results from Wales can be found here

    Point Scoring drivers overall

    Point Scoring drivers 4WD-

    Point Scoring drivers 2WD+

    Point Scoring drivers 2WD-
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  15. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Premium

    I guess it is time for a short little Leg 3 report from me then!

    Again I started out with a clean, nice, sexy Escort without a scratch on it!

    But first, a little look back at Leg 2!

    That was the safe driving I did then, but as Leg 3 was about to start, I knew I were only 13 seconds behind the leader in class, at least on PC, and from the previous rallies this season, fastest PC guy in 2WD- also won the rally. I knew I had taken very good care of my car, even though I got the engine warning light on SS11, that was fixed on the overnight service, and when I started Leg 3, the car was in very good shape. I hoped that with taking some risks, and hopefully have a car that is in better shape than the rest, I would have a shot at stealing the victory.

    SS16 was an all out attack, I won the stage with just over 2 seconds, but I managed to beat Kim Chapman with well over 6, and that was the most important thing, as he had the lead in the class!

    Full Attack on SS16!

    Let's look at that again shall we, a bit slower this time.

    On the limit, but not over, just perfect!

    Then I knew for the next two stages that I would have to push, but not go all out, as that would easily lead to issues.
    SS17 I was second fastest. 0.750 behind Chapman, and then to my huge surprise, I won SS18, 0.034 ahead of Chapman. Close?
    SS19 was a stage I felt I could make a huge dent in the lead of Mr.Chapman, but I didn't, instead I was only third fastest. Granted, I only lost 6 tenths, but I knew already then that I should've made up 2-3 seconds on that stage to feel that I was within a realistic shot of getting a victory.
    SS20 was a stage where I pushed really hard, it didn't feel like I really gambled though, but I was thinking that this was a "go big or go home" stage. I really wanted that win.
    In the end it was more than enough. I won the stage with just over 11 seconds, but Chapman must've made an error as well as he lost over half a minute there. So in the end I won the rally with just over 26 seconds, way more than it should've been, as the rally was very close fought all the way.

    I think that the Sweet Lamb stage might've been my best stage ever in DiRT Rally, as the car had been through 19 hard stages before, and I was under 5 seconds off my offline PB. So, here it is in both "TV" cam and onboard version :)

    Oh, and yes. I was able to keep the car scratch free! :)
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  16. svt4cam


    "I think that the Sweet Lamb stage might've been my best stage ever in DiRT Rally, as the car had bene through 19 hard stages before, and I was under 5 seconds off my offline PB."

    Pure art! Nice driving.
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  17. Suthern Star

    Suthern Star

    Congrats on the 2wd- overall win Ole.
    Yes I made a mess of ss20, went off the track three times, think the Heinekens got the best of me by then haha.
    Enjoyed my two rally entries though, so will def be back for some more action next season.

    Maybe i will create an energy drink car this time for added boost :)
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  18. LuMue


    So, finally here are some personal season statistics :whistling:

    Best stage was SS14 at Wales where I finished 23rd overall, worst was SS5 at Monaco where I finished 227th.
    Best overall finish in an event was P32 in Germany, worst P104 at Monaco.

    Had 1 stage win at Germany, worst stage result was 59th (of 79 competitors) at the Monte. Led the class for 7 of 16 stages at Germany.
    Made it to the podium (in a stage) ten times (1 at Sweden, 9 at Germany).
    Got my feet at the podium in an event once when I finished 3rd in Germany, worst a 22nd in Monaco.
    Overall P8 in the championship :thumbsup:

    GROUP A:
    8 stage wins here (2 at Sweden, 6 at Germany). Worst finish was 29th at Monaco.
    Podium 32 times (5 at Sweden, 1 at Greece, 4 at Finland, 15 at Germany and 7 at Wales).
    Best event-finish was P2 at Germany, worst P9 at Monaco.
    Overall P4 in the championship :thumbsup:

    P20 for 'Oasis Rallysport' from 51 teams overall. My teammate did only 1 event where he had a DNF :sleep:
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  19. Met


    After Round 6 here is the 2000s point table

    1. Loucas Chairallas 484 points
    2. Xavier Noel 296 points
    3. Laszlo Biro 288 points
    4. Raik Wagner 206 points
    5. Federico Harvenberg 200 points
    6. Davy Vandevenne 194 points
    7. Alex Papastefanatos 154 points
    8. Panagiotis Rokanis 152 points
    9. Mick Aspinall 144 points
    10. Riccardo Manuali 132 points
    11. Iordanis Economidis 132 points
    12. Riku Martikainen 130 points
    13. Kyriakos lalidis 120
    14. Matthew Allington 100 points
    15. Bret Weyand 76 points
    16. Richard Ingham 72 points
    17. Luc Henrion 66 points
    18. Steven Rings 56 points
    19. João Silva 50 points
    20. Thomas While 40 points
    21. Andrea Bettini 32 points
    22. Fabian Jiron 20 points
    23. Mateus Martins 18 points
    24. Ian Davis 16 points
    25. Šimon Zpěvák 14 points
    26. Rob Stronge 12 points
    27. Conor Duffy 10 points
    28. Tomas Olsen 8 points
    29. Simon Marshall 6 points
    30. Mihalis Gegos 6 points
    31. John Souter 4 points
    32. David Souto 0 points
    33. Dylan Defever 0 points
    34. Kjell Østby 0 points
  20. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    ever the number cruncher, well done!

    mine are easier to do: got to pos. 21 in class in the final rally, one more dnf among the other contenders in 4wd- and i would have scored my first points, lol. my teammate had to go it alone and put our name in pos. 12 of the team championship, which is awesome, thx again for that, thomas!
    However, life is more than numbers: it was huge fun all the way, so sign me up for season #09 already!
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