RDRC S7 Round 5 - Barum Rally (24th - 26th May 2015)

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Oct 8, 2012
I think a lot of people missed on that turn in ss5.I did, even though i was going really show due to damage.

I am happy with the way this rally turned out for me. I was having technical issues before start and had to run without a handbrake but that didn't cause such a problem. I practiced my flick which I forgot when i build the handbrake.
I took notes after every ss, but since I don't have them with me now I'll skip it.
When I compare my times with the rest I realize that there is a huge space for improvement which makes things even more interesting.
I had a good pace, avoided some tricky spots from the prior practice, but as always had some hits now and then that cost time. Only bummer is that at the last straight in ss4 I crashed into the trees and got a fridge problem. Did not fix it, but that did not help since I lost the turn at ss5 and got the penalty time. So I had to run in ss6 with a hurt car as well.. But I did manage to run without retirement all stages which is an achievement for me!

One thing I also noticed is that during the two races I made, the immersion suddenly scaled up. I think it has to do with the dedication at the time of the race. I wear my headphones and tell my wife that she must not bother even if the 3 babies cry all at the same time. I cannot afford this luxury at any other time. Whenever I practice i usually pause the game every 5 minutes to help.

Just bought 2 used bucket seats in great condition for just 50€ for the sim rig I am building. I hope I find time to build it before the next rally.

Thanks to the guys that make this happen. And that you make it so well organized, beautifully set up and executed.
Thank you
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