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RDRC S6 Round 3 - Sno*Drift Rally (26th - 29th April)

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Jack Hintz

That Designer Guy?
Nov 21, 2009

Sno*Drift Rally
26th - 29th April 2014

SS1 - England - Rally School (Snow Mod / Crisp Clear / Normal / Dry / Night)


SS2 - USA - Hualapai Nation (Snow Mod / Snow Medium Cloud / Normal / Damp / Daylight)
SS3 - USA - Diamond Creek 2 (Snow Mod / Snow Light Cloud / Normal / Damp / Daylight)
SS4 - England - Rally School (Snow Mod / Crisp Clear / Worn / Damp / Daylight)


SS5 - Australia - New Bobs (Snow Mod / Crisp Partcloud / Normal / Dry / Daylight)
SS6 - USA - Hualapai Nation (Snow Mod / Crisp Partcloud / Worn / Dry / Daylight)
SS7 - Australia - Greenhills (Snow Mod / Crisp Clear / Normal / Dry / Daylight)


SS8 - USA - Fraizer Wells (Snow Mod / Crisp Clear / Normal / Dry / Daylight)
SS9 - USA - Prospect Ridge (Snow Mod / Crisp Clear / Normal / Dry / Dusk)
SS10 - USA - Diamond Creek 2 (Snow Mod / Heavy Cloud / Worn / Dry / Night)


SS11 - Australia - Greenhills (Snow Mod / Crisp Clear / Worn / Dry / Daylight)
SS12 - USA - Prospect Ridge (Snow Mod / Snow Light Cloud / Worn / Dry / Daylight) - POWER STAGE


RDRC S6 Round 3 US1 - Saturday 26/04/2014 02:00 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 OC1 - Saturday 26/04/2014 09:30 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 EU1 - Saturday 26/04/2014 19:00 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 US2 - Sunday 27/04/2014 02:00 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 OC2 - Sunday 27/04/2014 09:30 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 EU2 - Sunday 27/04/2014 19:00 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 US3 - Monday 28/04/2014 02:00 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 OC3 - Monday 28/04/2014 09:30 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 EU3 - Monday 28/04/2014 19:00 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 US4 - Tuesday 29/04/2014 02:00 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 OC4 - Tuesday 29/04/2014 09:30 GMT
RDRC S6 Round 3 EU4 - Tuesday 29/04/2014 19:00 GMT

  • With DST changes in effect, please check your starting time!
  • You will require the RSRBR 2014 mod in order to participate, please see the installation and usage thread..
  • Update 03 is mandatory, please install to Participate in this round!
  • If you are new to RSRBR, we have also provided a guide for RSCenter.
  • This is a league rally, car selections & regulations can be found in the rules thread and you can join the championship here.
  • Click here to read the password.
  • Teamspeak is highly recommended and adds to the fun.
  • If you have not signed up for the championship here, please signup for the round below with your name and RSRBR Username.
  • IMPORTANT - At the end of the rally, take a screenshot of RSCenter, or save your times. If there is a discrepancy in the results, this is the only evidence you'll have to get your times corrected.
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Apr 10, 2010
Finished. Had great race with Serban. Constant pressure on my neck till ss8 when stupid journalist decide to die and become flash news by running in front of my car. Great rally. Congrats Serban, i had great time. See you all.

Jan 21, 2011
Had a tough rally, everything was going well till ss10, where I hit a rock, and I was forced to retire...Congrats to Emil, great to see him with a RRC car to beat WRCs sometimes :)

Balazs Kiss

Oct 2, 2011
- I like snow rallys I imagined I can practice a lot. ->
- I didn't have much time to check stages so sometimes I had a huge surprise :)
- I have a huge right shoulder pain so, yep, tough rally.
Congrats to everybody, especially to Emil :)

okay, Now this time I hate Hualapaiaiaiaiai Nation stage This stage screwed me up, and the other 4 stages.
My car is a madafaking Hulk so now I call him to Hulk. What it gets on this rally, It was lol.

Power stage: 2 Wheelie on the straight, and after the finish Hulk's transmission is given up. Until this I haven't got any engine, or other problem, only suspension.
On few stages Hulk was drunk so he went like this: \

Thumbs up for Hulk. Hip hip HULK
(finally finished this rally)
Oct 11, 2011
Oh, what an event...... The frustration, the anger, the happines.......

Pre-Event I didn't do a lot of practice as I know the stages well enough to feel somewhat confident in my ability. Still did a bit of practice on the problematic ones where I know there is dangers to double check my notes for the stages, most of it worked, only one big misstake on my part when I was doing this :cautious:

SS1 - Rally School:

Had a calm and steady run through the stage.
No major misstakes, a resonable time with the Celica :)


SS2 - Hualapai Nation:

Don't like this stage and the wheather didn't help either. No confidence, made an early misstake of taking a bit too much speed with me into one of the left-right combinations and the road dissapeared from us.
Got back going and took it easy for the rest of the stage, an allright time, not happy with the run but the time was allright.

SS3 - Diamond Creek II:

Made a few misstakes here as well, very similar to the misstake at Hualapai and two major spins in the last few corners hitting the stones with the rear end.... :speechless:

SS4 - Rally School:

Pushed a bit more this time 'round and went a second slower than the first run but I put that down to the lesser grip.


SS5 - New Bobs:

I like this stage but made an early misstake rolling the car. Pushed hard and gained some time back but 20 seconds lost in the first K was too much to gain back in the end....

SS6 - Hualapai Nation:

A second run and after a few small fixes to the notes after the previous run to bring in a bit more confidence in my driving and the lack of grip suited me better, no misstakes, a bit more hard driving and a much better time :)

SS7 - Greenhills:

Don't like this stage at all and a lot of small misstakes combined with those suicide photographers in the last quick right hander saw me having to use a CFH without me wanting to.
A lot of anger but Johan managed to calm me down but a lot of time lost on this stage unfortuntately :(


SS8 - Fraizer Wells:

Don't quite like this stage either. Never seem to nail the stage but this time I did actually, near enough, nail it. PB with the Celica and second ever best time on the stage for me so very happy with that run :thumbsup:

SS9 - Prospect Ridge:

Prospect Ridge, one of my personal favourites but the run went wrong everywhere and I cap-ed it off by misscalculating the speed through the - cambered right at the end of the stage and damaged the radiator hitting a tree almost head on......

SS10 - Diamond Creek II:

Another run through the stage and, apart from a misstake in the last corner loosing us about 15 seconds, we both enjoyed the run through the stage.
A bit safe at a few dangerous areas but went fairly quick.


SS11 - Greenhills:

Took it easy this time around and did my best to not loose time while taking it easy. No major misstakes, almost equalled Balasz' time on the stage so we were both happy with that one :)

SS12 - Prospect Ridge:

Power stage and full attack was on the agenda.
Took no prisoners, had one incident after the bad road in the dipper early in the stage loosing us a couple of seconds or so but other than that, and a kangaroo-y rear end on the 6th gear run into the last set of turns of the stage, it was one hell of a quick run. PB with the Celica so happy with that one :D

Overall it could have gone better but considering the amount of stages in the rally which I don't like, I'm happy with the event :)

Hoping that I might get another podium in Retro country and maybe a top10 in RDRC-2 to get my championship going, finally :roflmao:

Good luck to those yet to run :)
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