RDMC by Extreme Simracing: Battlefield at Red Bull Ring

Hello, hello and welcome to the third round of RDMC by Extreme Simracing at the Red Bull Ring, and it's double sprint/battlefield races.

Firstly, following some technical difficulties I want to give Mr. @Bram Hengeveld and @Joseph Wright a massive shout out for the outstanding sacrifice and good job that they did with the broadcast - top notch guys, thank you.

Now on to the round itself. As the title of this article may suggest, it was a battlefield with lots more contact than in previous events, with championship implications and driver frustrations and all in all for us the viewers a very spicy and entertaining couple of races.

Race One - Division One

@Pappa_G_27 took pole in front of @Ross McGregor and @Chris Butcher, with @Matt Le Gallez beating @Chris Shepherd for the fourth spot.

When I saw Simon on the pole I was wondering if he will cope with the pressure of the top guys behind him, as when you have your first pole in a league it might be a tad stressing and....it didn't take long as Simon had a very slow exit from T1, dropping to third by T2 and sadly downhill from there. The big story was T3 where Ross maybe braked a tad early and caught Mr. Butcher who was in the draft a bit off guard, and while he saw he is going to hit Ross he tried his best to take avoidable action by going to the inside, sadly Ross decided to put the slightest of inputs in the same direction and crash they did...

Ross sadly came out with a puncture and Chris while waited for Ross a little bit went on with his race.

Now that saw @Matt Le Gallez and @Chris Shepherd duke it out for the lead while behind them it was every Mini for himself in the carnage and door to door racing, the battle for top 10 as always was very very intense and through the field there so many 2-3 or even 4 wide entries into some corners, People four wide.....that's a bit extreme...but very fun to watch and kudos to those drivers as most times they made it ok and came out at the end of the corner all fine and dandy.

Race One finished with a superb Rossi like manoeuvre by Shephard on Matt to steal the win to become the fourth winner this year. Rounding up the podium and showing that his pace is no joke it was @Sehzade747 , Butcher made it in 6th place while @Craig Patteson slowly and steady is minding his own business and gathering points.

Race One - Division Two

The opening race from Division Two saw @Frank Lehmann take a dominant win while he tries to get to server one, and the fight for the podium looked very close as @EireGreen™ @praxtonio and @M I finished in that order within a second of each other.

Server two had 20 drivers and 18 of them finished - if you fancy your chances against this drivers be sure to go sign-up as places are available and the racing is superb for everyone, for sure you will find somebody at your own pace!

Race Two - Division One

Well for the win it was expected that Ross shows his race pace and just take a dominant win, while Shephard decided that he needed to be humble after his opening race win and DNF from second race with a blown engine while double downshifting, good for him it's always good to be humble, joking aside I am very sorry for Chris but that is racing...

Now Butcher was making steady grown true the field and especially this round I saw Butcher from my old days (and his also) with more assertive passes in both races and people seemed to like that as they said, look Chris is behind us let us make a racing incident and let him get second and that's exactly what happened.

T1 towards the end of the race, Bram, @Davy Vandevenne and @jayjfinn decided to hug each other and give Butcher second place, very nice of them thinking to the bigger picture of the league.

Race 2 podium - Ross, Butcher, and Matt who is still very much impressing me

Race Two - Division Two

Division two saw Frank Lehmann take the first league sweep by winning both races in an event with @praxtonio and @paul martin rounding up the podium.

If you want to see some "jumping" Mini's be sure to read @Jivesauce race report, while you are there you can also read @Trebormoore84 and @David Mann and see some more race pictures from @M I and see the resume of Franks server two dominance in a video.

Kudos for all server two guys for all the detailed/pictured race reports I really enjoy reading them and getting a glimpse in those races.

Titans Lose …

Before anybody jumps the gun I can not stress how important it is that you take this words of mine as a personal opinion and not as a professional racer/journalist or being in that position when it happened.

Ross vs Chris = Ross wins, while Chris was definitely at fault and maybe he had to be a bit more carefull I could see that Chris was definitely caught out by a maybe earlier braking point while he was in the draft, and when he tried to avoid Ross went in the same direction. If Ross stayed straight I am confident that they wouldn't have touched and but if and buts don't make the chickens lay the eggs.

Now Ross is a clear favourite. In Race One he outscored Butcher as Butcher got a 15 point penalty, and in the second race Ross completed a very solid weekend by taking the win.

Hopefully, now @Matt Le Gallez can step up his game even more and take the fight to Ross so we have an awesome RDMC by Extreme Simracing season finale.

This is racing ..... tin top racing

Some people might watch the broadcast and think that some of the moves are a tad bit aggressive... while some of those moves ended up in tears, I think at least from the broadcast cameras most of them were hard but fair, this is low power, minimal setup cars, and driver talent and race craft comes on top. This is BTCC 90's or even recent years style fighting, and yes this round it went up in intensity but it's not all bad, I for sure had a smile on my face when I was watching the broadcast (btw, watch it as it's worth it, I am serious, more serious than I was seriously when I was serious in the past rounds) - If only we would have such fights in the semi-endu races also, what a treat!

Winners and strawberries - Round 3 by Mr. C (let the hate come in)


P.s. - disclaimer - I am by no means a professional writer so take this article with a light heart and see the funny side. These are my personal opinions and don’t reflect in any way shape or form what RD administration thinks, or the RD community in general.

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Daniel Monteiro

Sep 1, 2008
(thought of sending this as a private message first, but credit should be given when credit is due, and also shared :) )

Mr. C, as always, it is good fun to read your write-ups after the races, I really enjoy and it adds a nice lasting touch of emotion to what is essentially a very adrenaline filled experience but that quickly dies out as soon as the races are over. So kudos to you :thumbsup:

You might just want to double check who rounded off the podium on race 1, div 1, round 3. I was a bit perplexed :confused::roflmao: (@elkrack2)

Again, really appreciate what you are giving to the community, thank you very much!:notworthy:
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AU Racing Club Staff
Aug 27, 2017
Hey to my credit I said I would screw up lap 1 before it even started :D:D:D I definitely cracked under pressure, but I'm still pretty proud of getting pole in my first ever league.
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Craig Dunkley

Jun 9, 2013
Thanks Mr C, a very nice read and very well thought out :thumbsup: ...it is also nice that you involved Div2 :thumbsup:

I have start by saying a job very well done, I thank all the staff that are involved and do there upmost to keep things running smoothly :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I personally am almost at the bottom of Div2, I do not care, I have so far had terrific fun and was always in it for the experience and along the way have fallen back in love with Automobilista :thumbsup:

I have also seen some superb driving skills with this little Mini, I am proud to be on the same track with you all :D:thumbsup:

Again many thanks to all the staff that are involved in the organisation :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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