RDLMS by Vesaro Welcomes New Teams Ahead of Silverstone

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    RDLMS by Vesaro Round 2 - Silverstone Banner.jpg
    Ahead of the Thrustmaster Six Hours of Silverstone we take a look at the new names taking part in the latest edition of RDLMS by Vesaro, and check out the beautiful new liveries on show.

    Round One of the 2017 RDLMS by Vesaro was a fantastic spectacle of endurance racing at Interlargos, with some superb driving on display in both Prototype and GT classes as the field of drivers tackled 12 gruelling hours of competition on one of the finest Grand Prix circuits in the world.

    Despite the brilliant race that unfolded out on track, we did have a rather disappointing element to the event organisation. Due to various circumstances a small handful of teams failed to make the grid in time for the race on April 1st... Fortunately due to the unprecedented popularity of the series we are delighted to say that capacity is now back up to the full 40 car limit as we welcome our four new teams and 15 new drivers signed up to compete in the 2017 RDLMS by Vesaro series this year.

    So ahead of the second round of the series at Silverstone, let us introduce you to the new teams, cars and drivers looking to step up and compete in the glorious return of the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series by Vesaro Season 7 championship using rFactor 2 and the superb Enduracers Endurance Series modification.

    Prototype Class

    Team: Frenchie Fox Racing
    Car: Ligier JS P2 Nissan
    Drivers: Theo Badry , Emmanuel Taphinaud , Laurent Gueneau
    RDLMS Season 7 - Frenchie Fox Racing.JPG

    GT Class

    Team: Gentlemen Racers Spirit
    Car: Aston Martin V8 Vantage
    Drivers: Patrice Sayettat, Stéphane Perrin, Vincent Dimaio, Sam Suffi
    RDLMS Season 7 - Gentlemen Racers Spirit.JPG

    Team: DR Motorsport
    Car: Aston Martin V8 Vantage
    Drivers: Daryl Russell, Jayme Brooks, John Nelson
    RDLMS Season 7 - DR Motorsport .JPG

    Team: Panda Racing
    Car: Corvette C6.R
    Drivers: Sam Williams, Dan Challinor, Denis Marquardt, Luca Babetto
    RDLMS Season 7 - Panda Racing.JPG

    Additional to the inclusion of our new competitors, several teams have taken the opportunity to redesign their team liveries ahead of the Thrustmaster Six Hours of Silverstone. With some sharp designs on show backed up by the improved graphics and shaders found in rFactor 2 post the big DX11 update released on May 1st, the cars rolling out on to the grid this May 13th are set to look better than ever before.

    To keep yourself up to speed on who is driving what and how the teams are presented ahead of round two, check out these awesome spotter guides produced by our own very talented @alexSchmurtz. The cars look great, the track looks perfect and rFactor 2 looks better than it ever has... RDLMS by Vesaro is shaping up to be one of the best seasons of endurance racing we have every held. I can't wait to see it all unfold at Silverstone for round 2..!

    RDLMS GT Spotter Guide Rd2.jpg RDLMS Prototype Spotter Guide R2.jpg

    You can check up on the current championship standings by viewing THIS LINK.

    So how can you watch the action yourself and be in with a shout at winning some amazing and very expensive sim racing prizes? Well as you may already know, we are exceptionally proud to partner up with quality peripheral manufacturers Vesaro and Thrustmaster this season, who between them have generously put up thousands of Euros worth of superb prizes for the drivers and fans of the series to win this year! You can read the specific prize details on the Vesaro announcement HERE and the Thrustmaster announcement HERE.

    Basically in order to be in with a shout at winning something very special indeed all our viewers need to do is follow and subscribe to our Twitch and Youtube channels and watch our thrilling action packed broadcasts, which will be live streamed with professional commentary.

    Round Two, the Thrustmaster Six Hours of Silverstone will be live and exclusive Saturday 13th May on our Twitch and Youtube channels from 12:50 GMT. The Session timetable can be seen below:

    Session Timetable
    • 10:55 | Race server reboot
    • 11:00 | Official practice & Briefing (no duplicate cars allowed from this point on)
    • 11:40 | GT qualifying (30 minutes)
    • 12:10 | Qualifying switch-over (5 minutes)
    • 12:15 | Prototype qualifying (30 minutes)
    • 12:45 | Warm-up
    • 13:00 | Race start [Saturday 13th May] (in-game: 13:00 / 1PM)
    • 19:00 | Race ends [Saturday 13th May] (in-game: 19:00 / 7PM)
    All times are posted in GMT.

    RDLMS by Vesaro Logo.png

    Who are you supporting during the season? Which team do you think stands a chance of success at Silverstone? Are you planning on watching the race yourself on either YouTube or Twitch? Looking forward to round 2? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  2. Chris

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    Welcome to the new teams! Looking forward to seeing you in my rear view mirror :D :p
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  3. LucaBabetto


    First experience in an Endurance race for me, it's gonna be interesting!

    Great job to all the staff taking care of this series, the organisation is spot on!
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  4. leseb64


    nice Frenchie Fox Racing!! and Gentlemen Racers Spirit! i support :D
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  5. Peter Stokman

    Peter Stokman

    I support myself:cool: and my co drivers in KRT Racing
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    New colours for the #118 RMI Motorsport Ferrari for this race, am I correct in thinking we are the only ones that have changed livery since Interlagos?
  7. Joseph Wright

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    Racers in pyjamas have turned green
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