Featured RDLMS by Vesaro Thrustmaster Six Hours of Sebring This Weekend!

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    RDLMS by Vesaro - Sebring Header.jpg
    Catch up on all you need to know ahead of the final race of the season for the incredible RaceDepartment Le Mans Series by Vesaro this weekend.

    Do you like big time endurance racing? Does the prospect of six hours of intense on track product get your juices flowing? Love to see multiclass racing piloted by high quality drivers? Want to see the tension of a title deciding battle? If you answered yes to some or all of the questions above then you really, really need to tune in to the RaceDepartment YouTube and/or Twitch channels this weekend...

    Our most prestigious online racing "eSports" league will come to a conclusion this Saturday 18th November and a title has to be decided. We have a full grid, we have a pumped and prepared organisation team and we have the usual high quality broadcast crew on standby. All we need is for the crowds to gather, the beer to get passed round and the fun to commence.

    If you fancy joining us this Saturday November 18th then I would like to point you in the direction of some useful information...

    So who's driving what, and what do the cars actually look like? Worry not, we've created some useful spotter guides for you to enjoy! Check out the link HERE to catch up on the changes from the last round and download your own copy of the guide.

    What do the standings look like ahead of the last race of the year? Again we have you covered, check out the current team and driver rankings for both Prototype and GT class competitors HERE.

    Where can I watch this exciting sounding event? On our YouTube and Twitch channels of course!

    When does the action kick off? Check out the timetable below:
    • 11:55 | Race server reboot
    • 12:00 | Official practice & Briefing (no duplicate cars allowed from this point)
    • 12:40 | GT qualifying (30 minutes)
    • 13:10 | Qualifying switch-over (5 minutes)
    • 13:15 | Prototype qualifying (30 minutes)
    • 13:45 | Warm-up
    • 14:00 | Race start (in-game: 15:00 / 3:00 PM)
    • 20:00 | Race ends (in-game: 21:00 / 9:00 PM)
    All times are posted in GMT.

    Can I win something nice? Actually you can..

    We are exceptionally proud to partner up with quality peripheral manufacturers Vesaro and Thrustmaster this season, who between them have generously put up thousands of Euros worth of superb prizes for the drivers and fans of the series to win this year! You can read the specific prize details on the Vesaro announcement HERE and the Thrustmaster announcement HERE.

    Have fun, relax and enjoy the show one final time this season...

    RDLMS by Vesaro - Sebring Poster.jpg

    RDLMS Round 6 1.jpg RDLMS Round 6 2.jpg RDLMS Round 6 3.jpg RDLMS Round 6 4.jpg RDLMS by Vesaro Logo.png
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  2. Roy Magnes

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    I have rebuilt the racing corner at home during the last couple of weeks, now I am ready for the season finale :)


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