RDLMS by Vesaro Road America Spotter Guide

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    Check out the teams and drivers ahead of the Thrustmaster Six Hours of Road America in our brand new RDLMS by Vesaro Spotter Guide!

    In preparation for the action starting out on circuit this Saturday, we are proud to present of official team and driver spotter guide for the fourth round of the 2017 RDLMS by Vesaro rFactor 2 endurance racing league.

    Created as always by the highly talented @alexSchmurtz, our spotter guide is bang up to date with all the latest liveries, team and driver changes ahead of the Road America round of RDLMS.

    RDLMS Road America - Spotter Guide Prototype.jpg
    New in for the Deltec Racing Team #27 will be Kevin Siclari, and returning star from the opening two rounds of the season, Mark Breslin, gets back behind the wheel of the #4 SpeedyMite Racing entry having missed Le Man last time out. Other changes include Shawn Jacobs switching over to the Roaring Pipes Maniacs #12 machine, joining another new driver, Jamie Pyatt.

    RDLMS Road America - Spotter Guide GT.jpg
    In for Road America are the #125 LG Racing squad of the family Le Gallez. Steve, Matt and Paul Le Gallez will take to the wheel of the #125 LG Racing car as they take over the temporarily vacated slot of the AllStar-Racing Team, who will be forced to miss the Road America outing due to unavoidable circumstances. Fear not however, AllStar-Racing will be back on the grid in six weeks time for the Thrustmaster 12 Hours of Fuji, continuing their fight for strong results before the end of the year. Another late entry to the series will be Daniel Watkin, making a move to the #114 RedShift Racing outfit.

    You can check up on the current championship standings by viewing THIS LINK.

    So how can you watch the action yourself and be in with a shout at winning some amazing and very expensive sim racing prizes? Well as you may already know, we are exceptionally proud to partner up with quality peripheral manufacturers Vesaro and Thrustmaster this season, who between them have generously put up thousands of Euros worth of superb prizes for the drivers and fans of the series to win this year! You can read the specific prize details on the Vesaro announcement HERE and the Thrustmaster announcement HERE.

    Basically in order to be in with a shout at winning something very special indeed all our viewers need to do is follow and subscribe to Youtube channel and watch our thrilling action packed broadcasts, which will be live streamed with professional commentary.

    Round 4, the Thrustmaster Six Hours of Road America schedule can be seen below;

    10:55 | Race server reboot
    11:00 | Official practice & Briefing (no duplicate cars allowed from this point)
    11:40 | GT qualifying (30 minutes)
    12:10 | Qualifying switch-over (5 minutes)
    12:15 | Prototype qualifying (30 minutes)
    12:45 | Warm-up
    13:00 | Race start (in-game: 13:00 / 1:00 PM)
    19:00 | Race ends (in-game: 19:00 / 7:00 PM)

    All times are posted in GMT.

    Have fun and enjoy the racing!

    RDLMS Road America Header Poster.jpg

    For those of you wanting the large PDF version of the poster in this article, you can download it HERE.

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  2. protonv5


    I'm curious why these races seem to all be hosted in rFactor2. What are the main reasons for this? Thanks
  3. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
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    • Dynamic day/night cycle
    • Proper driver swap function
    • Modable game, with proper endurance-mods (and not just a random car here, and there as in many other games)
    Is what I can think of as good reasons of the top of my head right now. There are many more though, and I am sure you will get better answer from others as well :)
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  4. Will Mazeo

    Will Mazeo

    • Best netcode
    • Rejoin
    • Plugin to restart a race where it stopped in case of server meltdown (not sure if anyone other than VEC is using it tho, should be a game feature anyway.... hopefully someday since Marcell is the one that made it I think)
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  5. Emery


    TV overlays, manual camera control, and instant replay for live broadcasting. Plugin is available for automatic instant replays, too.

    Better netcode = larger multiplayer grid sizes than AC.
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  6. Roy Magnes

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    Stunning work with the spotter guides as usual, @alexSchmurtz !!
    They will be printed at work tomorrow, and hung up on the wall at home, even though I won't be present for the race itself :thumbsup:
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  7. Joseph Wright

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    I need it printed off now!! :confused::confused: Guess Im going to have to drool over the work of arts sitting on my PC screen :roflmao:
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  8. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

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