RDLMS - 12 hours of Le Mans LMP1 winner press conference

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    Fred Visser, RARE Endurance team - LMP1 Winners

    Here are the comments from Fred Visser, spokesman of RARE LMP1 team, that won the 12 hours of Le Mans last weekend.

    My race was pretty steady
    , he said, Jarno who did quay and the first 3 stints did very well. He drove fast enough to drive away from 4th position and could stay in battle for 2. We new SFH lmp1 would not be a match they are just to fast, about his teammate Erwin first stint, he commented when Erwin took over the gaps where already there, Erwin drove without significiant errors. After his 2 stints i took over, but the gaps were really big at that moment. I drove my firts few laps very careful. It was hard to get used to the car in the car with all the traffic, then after some troubles while lapping cars that caused troubles and made the car difficult to drive, he switched with Erwin again: He did nicely driving safe. We are at P2 and there are no reasons to push. P1 SFH LMP1 was very far ahead en p3 very far behind. After his 2 stint i got in again.
    Still going round in a 75% pace not to take any changes. With overtaking i was very carefull and patient.

    Swap problems surprised Simracing for Holland car later in the race and this turned a deserved sencond place into a deserved win, as endurance is a survival race in many aspects. Still the team showed their solidarity with SFH mates that had very bad luck when they had everything in their hands to win this race.

    Meanwhile, Three Sixty Racing, the team from Albania, made his way up to the second place overall and first place in LMP2 class, after a solid race taking advantage of the different problems the LMP1 were suffering along the race.

    The GT1 class win was claimed by SimRacing Zone France, while the GT2 was finally for Simracing For Holland, compensating at least partially the disappointment of loose the global victory when their LMP1 car had problems during a pitstop in the second half of the race.

    Full results HERE
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    Jarno Hogeweg

    Our first win, still can't believe we did it!
    Let hope we can keep this up the next round, it really was a blast again this race, up to the next one!! :cool:
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    It was a great event with great winners. Thanks to everybody who made this all possible.