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Lorenzo Bonder

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About Absences:

Let me clarify that leaving the league WHILE it's on going or not wholewhile present, will carry the ban. Let's look at RDTCC 10 abscences, they've increased steadily as the rounds went on and that was a 4 round league. So when we look at the final round we only see 36 drivers out of nearly 60 that demotivates and angry us organizers a little bit.

So if you have to leave one or two rounds because of personal issues or pre-programmed commitments, no problem. But please make sure that doesn't because a pattern because you're basically will be telling us that you don't care about league racing. And that is saddening, not only for you but to all of us.

Any further discussions or doubts please ask here. The sign-up thread can't deviate too much on the off topic.

Lorenzo Bonder

Wah wah.
Agreed, real grid nice forming folks, keep it up!

Also, for all drivers that are teamless and looking for a team, you can use the General Discussion to look for one.

, those who want to see the cars in full action and try to see if you got what it takes to drive our league, sign up for the Dallara DW12 events in the Racing Club section.

Next week, I'll bring up the Custom Skins section up to life.

Lorenzo Bonder

Wah wah.
@Andrew Harper (I wanted to answer on the General Discussion, if my and Andrew's post can be moved to the General Discussion, I'd appreciate), You can start working on the skin yeah. We'll have our default skins in case someone can't elaborate to make one. If we supply our logo versions it will be soon, but it won't be something major, I believe.


Czarleeese Baygio
Am i the only one who struggle to keep this beast on the track? :ninja:
It's difficult when the track isn't rubbered in. Might wanna put some AIs on track with you when practicing. Also, try what @Chark suggested to me yesterday. Put the maximum steering wheel rotation to 360° instead of 540° default. The difference was night and day for me.
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