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RDHPC - Thank you thread

Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
I wanna thank RD for hosting the league and @Bram for all its help with the Giveaway and the setting of the boradcast page. I also want to thank all the staff members that help with the incident reports and various other things.:):thumbsup:

Thanks to @Jarek Kostowski for his input and the help he could provide me with to organise and set the league.:)

I big thank to the broadcast team for their wonderful work with the broadcast of all the events, @Davy Vandevenne @Thomas Hinss @Yuri and @Roy Magnes :):thumbsup:

finally i wanna thank all the participants that took part of league and making it a very enjoyable experience.


Staff member
Jun 1, 2013
You said it all Yuri. Thank you for the FUN we all had, watching these races. :thumbsup:
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Sep 22, 2010
A big thank you for all the drivers and broadcast team for providing us with such great racing and so much drama throughout the season. I had a great time watching these races, it's a shame it's already over!

Congratulations for @Ross McGregor ! Worthy champion after dominating the whole season :thumbsup:

Allan Ramsbottom

Aug 21, 2013
@Bram @Yves Larose @Jarek Kostowski.Thanx guys for putting this league on..my first ever 1 and i really enjoyed it..messed up a couple times due to nerves i suppose, but now in a position to do more practice...watch this space lol..Grats to@Ross Mcgregor and the podium finishers,apologies to those who i bumped or nudged.Thanx to the broadcast crew,gr8 job guys....just 1 burning question..WHENS THE NEXT ONE..:);):thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:...


May 8, 2012
BIG THANKS from me too, quality simracing all around, enjoyed every minute.

To @Yves Larose for his work & dedication to make this happen, this was your baby and you brought it up perfectly, hats off to you sir.
To @Bram & RD for giving us old boys with old toys a room to play, and not only the league. The amount of fun i've had in the HistorX club here is unmatched by even the shiniest stuff in the fanciest sim.
To @Yuri @Thomas Hinss @Davy Vandevenne @Roy Magnes for making an event out of a few guys meeting on the net & having fun. Your broadcast was well observed, comments genuinely interesting and watching the whole stuff again from various perspectives was great fun. :thumbsup:

I did take care of the club in the meantime, but let's be honest, i've only done a fraction of the work these guys have done for the league, so all credit to them.
Everytime Yves was asking for my input, he basically had the answer already layed out for me and everything figured out, so all that was left for me to do was nod, most of the time :D.

Last but not least thanks to all racers & people who watched, great to see this old gem still have so many people supporting it!

What's next? Alfas? TCR? Firebird? Let's do this :).

Ondrej Kapal

Dec 24, 2009
Guys, it's been too long since I had a proper racing club event with you. But I can't imagine better come back than this league for me. It was just like the old times of RDHGP on GTL platform. I had a big lack of skills though, I was in some situations I regret (those which included other drivers), some I could avoid (my crashes) and some I was really proud of, considering the pace. But I had a blast in the end, quite found my speed again (doing 4s slower laptime than Ross on Bathurst with places where I knew I could get another half a second, evnthough I made it only once, was a win win for me) and enjoyed every minute racing with you guys. Once again :)

And I would love to thank you all for making me happy behind the wheel again.
Yves and Jarek for the organisation, you chose really enjoyable mix of tracks/cars (ooooh I love Porsches!), great system of sprints and endurances and everything else. I didn't find any mistake :thumbsup:

The drivers who made this league competitive even for me, it was really nice to see the old familiar names on the track, putting everything into it :ninja:

And let's not forget on our broadcasting team. I watched every race right after we finished in broadcast replay, so I spent another hour of "racing". Amazing job guys!

I have only one month of premium membership and I'll try to make it worth every cent. But after that, I will leave you again :( My lifestyle doesn't give me the the opportunity to be racing regularly as you know. I was lucky this time that I could make all of the races (this reminds me - it's for the first time I didn't miss an event :D) as we are not busy in the work. Well, yesterday I had to leave sooner, but again with the luck my colleague stayed instead of me so I could race :p But I can't do this all the time. I won't buy future membership then. But if there is a league to come - please, send me a PM and I will buy anything to be able to participate! :D

Once again THANK YOU ALL !!! And remember... Always wear a seatbelt and helmet :thumbsup:

EDIT: I always seem to forget something :D Congratulations Ross, more than deserved victory! And well done podium for putting a bit of nerves into the champ :D
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Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Staff member
Jun 18, 2013
Thanks to everyone who had a hand in this. @Yves Larose @Jarek Kostowski
@Davy Vandevenne @Thomas Hinss @Yuri and @Roy Magnes @Bram and anyone who I forgot.
Thanks also to everyone who raced.
This was my first league entry and (as I've said before) the most fun I've ever had on a computer.... honest! :rolleyes:
I agree that It'd be great to do it all again real soon, but I'm sure that Yves deserves a rest.... well done buddy and thanks again.
Maybe a few volunteers to help out with the next one? I'm not sure if that's workable, but count me in if it is. :thumbsup:


Jun 29, 2011
Yeah i enjoyed watching it! I'd like to get involved in the next one. Sunday night racing is perfect for me.


Jan 5, 2011
Like everyone above I guess, I really, really enjoyed watching the broadcasts of this great league. So thank you to everyone involved in setting up, testing, broadcasting, commentating, camera-operating, and of course driving in this league. Absolutely top quality stuff you all provided!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
Big thanks to all who made this possible,an a special thanks to @yves who set it up,selected great tracks an made nice skins for the Porsche's !

At first I hesitate to sign up (not that good with a Porsche ;)) but very glad I did was not that fast but had a lot of fun... thanks for that !

Congratulations to Ross for the Victory !!
An Thanks to RD an the broadcast team who did a great job.... :thumbsup:

Thomas Hinss

Aussie Commentator and Writer
Sep 15, 2014
Well, that was a VERY entertaining series to commentate on :D. Congratulations to Ross for winning the title, and to everyone who raced for giving such fantastic racing to witness throughout the season :)

I do want to apologise for missing a couple of rounds of the season, these timezone differences do make things harder than I like them to be for sim racing activities. I do hope to do more commentary for RD in future, this series just confirming my desires to continue looking for commentary opportunities where I can :)
Aug 6, 2011
This was my first cup where on RD and has very fun, i want to say thanks to one of the best comunnity that is RD and all the guys you make this possible (Larose, Yuri, Thomas, Jarek, etc etc), realy nice job ;)
Realy hope will be more in the future so i'll be whatching :thumbsup:, cya on the tracks guys

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