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RDHPC - League informations

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Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
Historic Porsche cup promotional copy.png

League: RaceDepartment Historic Porsche Cup
Season: 1 (2015)
Sim Required: rFactor 1
Mod: Historic GT & Touring cars V1.96 (requires to own GT Legends)
Car: Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 '75
Grid Size: 30
Download links: you can find all the links here

Welcome to the first Racedepartment league using the Historic GT & Touring cars V1.96 mod and the Historic Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 '75. As the league is only using one car model it should provide exciting and close racing.

Number of race:
6 round +1 test race

Race day:
Sunday (using the regular club day)

sprint (2 x Approx. 30 minutes races)
Enduro (Approx. 60 minutes race)

Race Schedule:
Sprint format
Open from Tuesday Morning
Qualifying 1: 20:10 GMT (15 minutes, unlimited laps)
Warm Up: 20:25 GMT (5 minutes)
Race 1: Approx. 30 Mins converted in laps
Qualifying 2: 21:10 GMT (15 minutes, unlimited laps)
Warm Up: 21:25 GMT (5 minutes)
Race 2: Approx. 30 Mins converted in laps
Note: there will be a 10 minutes break between race 1 and qualifying 2
Enduro format
Practice: Open from Tuesday morning
Qualifying 1: 20:20 GMT (30 minutes, unlimited laps)
Warm Up: 20:50 GMT (5 minutes)
Race 1: Approx. 60 Mins converted in laps

Motorland Aragon 2011 (sprint test races)
Sebring (sprint)
Montreal 2011(sprint)
Spa-Francorchamps 2010 (enduro)
Hockenheim (sprint)
Leipzig Porsche test track (sprint)
Mount Panorama (enduro)

Sign Up
all drivers who hold a licensed membership can apply for one of the 30 places in the league. Sign-ups are on a first come basis, and premium members will be given priority. Drivers not on the immediate list will be placed on the reserves list. You do not need to be an alien to participate, all skill levels are welcome and you will likely find other drivers to battle with. This league is a single driver championship so there is no team.

Sign up here

the Sign up will be open for each events if there is place on the grid.

custom skins are not allowed there will be a skinpack of 30 liveries released which you'll be able to pick a skin from for the entire championship. If you sign up in the round thread and there is places on the grid a skin will be assign to you.

Points structure

Server setup

the server setup will be posted in each round thread.

When you sign up, you are agreeing to be present during all races of the season (including the test event) unless you provide an absence report with a valid excuse to the staff. Absences need to be reported at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so may lead to point penalties or exclusion from future leagues. If you happen to miss out on an event and go missing in action without giving any notice, the race staff reserve the rights to terminate your licensed member status at Race Department.

The RDHPC will be governed by the rules you all agreed to when you requested your racing license. They can and should be reviewed here. The only difference to these rules are that if you cause an incident and disadvantage another driver, you do not need to wait as the incident can be reported after the race and necessary penalties will be applied.

In cases where the rules have been broken, it is up to the drivers to report the violation. The staff encourages this and will only investigate incidents that are reported by drivers. Send your incident reports via PM to Yves Larose or Jarek Kostowski within 3 days of the race.

Incidents not submitted in time will not be considered. No incident report = no investigation = no penalty.

Incident reports must contain the following:
  1. Name of the league: RDHPC
  2. The name of the reported driver (the violator)
  3. A link to a video that shows the incident from various angles and perspectives. The incident will be viewed by several staff members, some who do not have rFactor 1, therefore a replay file is not sufficient.
  4. A short description of the incident, without rant.
You must always send the report with your own forum account. After the report is sent and received, the staff will investigate the incident. The staff decision on each incident is final.

Finger pointing, swearing, as well as naming and shaming other competitors or staff will not be tolerated! Incidents reported outside of a PM are also not permitted. This will be strictly enforced and a penalty of 5 championship points will be applied to the offending person.

Test Event
On Sunday 25 January, a test event will be held. The purpose of this event is to ensure all the skins work properly and to ensure that you have installed everything properly. Further details about the test event will be posted closer to the time, and all drivers in the league should participate.
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