RDGTC S5 | GT Championship 2012 (GTR Evolution)

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Rob Hermans

Shortening straights and straightening bends ©
Good maaan! Sorry to be so patronising then :rolleyes:

I'm looking forward to seeing your video Jonatan, and I'm happy that someone has taken this on; there will be some great moments in it. Just don't expect too much from a certain running-out-of-fuel Ford! :p (First two rounds were poor for me)
and there goes my uploading the repalys to dropbox, lol. great job all, looking forward to results.
if you have never done it before i will add some patronising of my own: stay out of the fancy stuff (blur, fancy cuts, slomo, black and white, you name it), do basic footage and introduce the fancy stuff bit by bit as you get more and more experienced, otherwise you set your marks too high and get frustrated too fast. Also, print out all the guys' race reports, they should give you some indication where the action was.

Jonatan Åcerclinth

Thanks for the advice about the racereports, would never had thought about it myself, as for the "no fluff-fluff" as my own teacher would call it, I've allready come to that comclution after doing a incident report on myself :confused:

I still feel bad about at incident, even after almost 4 days :(

Oh well, Thanks again for the advice :)

Marco Bijl

Axe Travels
Just noticed we forgot to open up this thread, so sorry, and hereby opened :)

How are we all doing. A nice week of rest has passed, so it is about that time to start practice, and creating a setup.
Track doesn´t work in online I suppose..installed your linked track in our server and mine PC. Not working.
AI Vehicle Filter = AbuDhabi

IGAID=64 was missing in file "AbuDhabi.gdb".
Thanks for Kimmo "Jose" Kokkonen:D advised me.
first gonna suffer tomorrow at 20.00 around macau to qualify for the rdtcc and then back to my zonda for last round fun here next week. looking forward. it's a track i have (by chance) never played before, only know the layout from tv coverage, lol.
Everybody ready for the final round? Awefully quite here, are you guys practicing in silence :D

Drivers list of the final round is completed, graphics will be made by Rob and will be posted very soon.
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