RDGTC S5 | GT Championship 2012 (GTR Evolution)

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Helder Filipe

May 25, 2011
Well, i did what i should do... Trying to do the pole and win the race...a super Ludovic appears to fight very well, and he have got the pace to win...but so, i can fight aswell and catch the victory, so i'm happy...the race of course was hard for all 4 front runners...and we are fighting "live" all the time till the end of the race what was a very close finish with Ludovic well leaning to me ^^
For me i think the "title" is almost delivered for Benjamin...but ok i'll try the luck next round...and see what happens...
And see you next round guys...thanks for good racing...
Oct 26, 2010
Div 1
Had not bad quali and start of the race on 7th position. Unfortunately, after some laps I tapped Remco in 3rd corner (this was unexpected, because I didn't miss braking point and Remco had the pace not worst than mine :confused: ). Anyway, my apologies to Remco. We both lost some positions because of it. During the race had interesting battle with Bob Miley.
Twenty minutes before the end of race I started to feel bad and had to survive till the finish. Managed to hold my 8th place behind Jan with Tommi and right ahead of Remco.
Well done to podium guys! Thanks to Remco and Marco for their work.

Marco Bijl

Axe Travels
Jul 25, 2011
Had a really nice race overall. I felt confident about the track since my first practice early this week, and got my setups ready then as well. Hardly had any practice after that, and had a hell of night. Had OnCall duty from work, and had not sleep for longer then 2 hours at a time. Felt really tired.

Had a personal best of 1.42.0x before I entered the server. During practice, I got a 1.41.x, which was ok for me. Entered qualification, and whitin no time, I had a 1.40.x :) Was ok with that, since I feld I had the most out of my lap, so wathed timing to see what place that took me. Got 6th place.

During warmup, Jonatan announced he would drop back to 6th. I was there, so that ment I would start at 5th position. Something must have went wrong somewhere, since I got out of the first corner 4th, and had not overtaken anyone but Jonatan. Have to look at replay what happend.
Had a good start, and was on a decent distance of 3rd. Then I got a small tap from Jonatan, sending me just wide. Regained at 7th, and saw him waiting. Got my concentration back pretty fast, and went on. Saw Jonatan in the mirror coming back, and overtake me. Coming onto straight start/finish, I was right on his tail, went off the line next to him, and managed to outbrake him. Halfway the turn, he hit my back again, and I spung off track. Got back at 11th I believe.

Started fighting my way up the list, since I had a good pace. Made a good timed pitstop, and started gaining on Marco Sbordoni. Got him relatively quick, since he had a no stopper, and passed him, and after some pitstops of others. I made it to 6th. Had 17 sec to go to catch Kieron. Couldn't gain on him, so I decided to stop pushing, and just finish the last 20 minutes. About 10 laps before the end, I started gaining on Kieron fast, so I started to push again. Got the gap down to 6 seconds or something like that, and then Kieron (whom had seen he had enough fuel to finish) started to put his foot down again. Couldn't catch him anymore, so ended 6th.

Had good fun tonight, but am kinda disapointed again about the number of no shows, and people leaving the league. To bad, the grid could have been much fuller.

It's not a complaint, but an incident report :) I file them AGAINST myself as well, and believe me, I hate complaining to myself :p.

Sorry I cut you on the inside on the hairpin. My bad, I was to late, and locked up for a moment.
Dec 29, 2006
Sorry I cut you on the inside on the hairpin. My bad, I was to late, and locked up for a moment.
no worries mate, just a clean racing incident, stuff happens, didn't even remember it, was great fun keeping you off :) (still have that pos.5 grin on my face)

Erik Hafner

Jun 30, 2010
we dont get replays? :( oh dear, thats not nice.. i was realy hoping for it, there where realy good highlights to show ;)
Sep 19, 2008
Quali : 2nd at 0.011 sec... It seems good for the race.

Race: All the race I tried to overtake Helder but I just can't make it cleanly... I can only passed him before my pit stop but something was wrong during it and I lost around 3 sec (dead time before changing tyres???).
So, I just have to try to re-catch him, but this time with Benjamin and David around us.
I had a great and intensive race on one of my favourite track.
Super Ludovic wasn't suffisant for the victory tonight :p but what a show till the end.

Thanks all for it, have fun and see you for the final round.

Lazlo Acera

Sep 17, 2009
Div 1 - a nice place to visit. :cool:

Q. Dead last in P21 with 1.41:322

R. Formation lap went smoothly from my perspective at the tail end. Then got down to keeping up with pack. Tires went off after only 8 laps and thought about a 2 stopper, but adjusted brake points and soldiered on to the mid way point and pitted on lap 21. The race pace was amazing, I knew I was just a tourist and held onto my doors when the bullet train went by to prevent them from blowing off. Finished P17 and was very pleased to make it to the end without any drama, quite happy to secure my position in the bottom five. Looking forward to rejoining my Div 2 brothers in a fortnight for the season finale.


Rob Hermans

Shortening straights and straightening bends ©
Jan 9, 2007
I'm relieved they are provisional...I got 50 pts in Portimao, but they are not added on the drivers standings table?

I'm sorry I didn't check anyone else's points because I wanted to bring this to the attention of Remco and Marco ASAP.

[EDIT] I have now checked everyone's points and mine IS the only one that's incorrect. It looks like GPCOS wasn't looking when I was finishing in Portugal :rolleyes:
Oct 3, 2010
In Proceedings of the 3rd round of the Champ 'RD GTC
Qualification: 3rd place well deserved, I think I pulled all the potential of the car and I'm late on March 10 Ludo and HelderPS: I have a good laugh when I saw that Ludo who had dominated qualifying end to end thereby take the first place for a small one hundredth in the last second :D

Race: Very good start, I stick Ludo and I see that inhibits strong Helder is seen as fair in the first corner but keeps the pole so luckily I had the first braking well ahead :rolleyes: Then nothing special, David stuck to my bumper, but even being sick is not it bothered me LoLPit-Stop : 1 lap after everyone, not necessarily the best choice but I wanted to avoid returning to the booth while I was in the bumper of Helder...I leave the third to Ludo to my amazement and even more when I see Gronvalls in Pole ...I decided to let my teammate who I think Ludo was faster, finally I have not had the benefit of its aspiration as it beat me so I am the second party of the race in my quiet corner, I see first of all David do a great turn ...​
The end of the race, especially on the last lap was very fun, I stick that was stuck behind Ludo Helder and I have really thought about the finish line but my car has decided otherwise and I finally had a tenth of Ludo ;)

Conclusion: I think I made a great run in being sick, I did not err and I thought it would have made dear Ludo my position after the flower that I made to her :p (Not I jokes he did well in any case what mattered most was to finish ahead of David so it's done :D ) ...

Appointment go to the next and final round of the championship may be the 2nd title of my career if I end up in fifth position, mathematically, as Helder say I think I'm in a good position if there no particular incident during the final round :cool:

Scott Webber

Dec 28, 2010
1.41,8 in quali, Practice done :p
I think Webber blindly steered into me on lap 2 or 3 getting me back in last position (14th at that time).
i did not even know i hit you? i'll check the repay, these cars have blind spots , i didn't even hear you near me.

Remco de Wildt

May 16, 2009
Round 4 Incidents

Div 1
  • Formation lap and first round - No incidents
  • Incidents reports
    • Kimmo Kokkonen vs Rob Hermans - No penalty for RH, small tap but ceeded the position
    • Kimmo Kokkonen vs Bob Hutchins - 30 sec penalty for BH, too late on the brakes bumping KK off track
Div 2
  • Formation lap and first round - Under investigation
    • Tobias Olssen - 30 sec penalty full rev start at formation lap resulting in contact
    • Scott Weber - 30 sec penalty, contact during formation lap
    • Jonatan Acerclinth - 30 sec penalty, contact in the first lap causing a spin
    • Ken Hunter - 30 sec penalty, contact in first lap, too much speed in the corner resulting in contact
  • Incidents reports
    • Ricardo Umans vs Scott Webber - 30 sec penalty for SW - Bumping off RU steering into the corner

János Ócsai

Feb 19, 2009
Div 2:
Unlucky race this time. At least I finished it.
Arrived home for the race with absoutely no practice just a few minutes before start. Chose a wrong setup with serious understeer and wild fishtailing on braking.
Qualified at the back end.
This time I couldn't avoid collisions. Had many during race. First Ken nudged me out to the gravel at a corner exit in L3 I think. This was rather an accindent, not a clean drivers fault. Shortly after I could overtake him again but then Tobias rammed into us at the downhill hairpin spinning me out, For some reason Ken felt responsible for this and he waited to let me pass instead of Tobias.
In spite all of this I could move up to 8th place. And then at half time a disaster. The game for some reason suddenly minimized to the desktop. Uncontrolled, the car car banged into the wall. Luckily it was still going, but with lost front bumper and damaged suspension. Decided to repair all. Last place after pitting. The second half of the race was about chasing Ken. A few minutes before the end I had a clear chance to overtake him, I managed to put the car on the inside for a double left combination, but Ken took a very unusual racing line and clipped the front of my car. This resulted in both of us spinning out. Both of us regained but had no chance after. With low fuel the car became even more unstable, so my aim was to reach the chequered flag. Finished as last runner, with 2 laps down.
Hope for a better finale...


Assetto Corsa Competizione Club Staff
Nov 13, 2010
yep, pity we do not have a video guy on the grid, with all them luvely skins, we could have a great grid 1&2 highlight vid every week. shame, really.
If somebody could get me the full replays of Div1 I could try and make a year clip? :)
Or at least some good video material to use :)
Some full replays of div2 rounds 1 2 3 and 5 are also required :p
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