RD500 2010 (rFactor)

Bram Hengeveld

After last years first ever RD500 we are looking in organizing this one day event again for 2010.

Some facts:

  • 500km oval race
  • End of May 2010
  • CART98 as the mod of choice
  • Oval circuit to be decided (bring on some good suggestions of legal highspeed rF ovals please)
  • 30 licensed members with a RD ranking (minimum of five races at RD)
  • Broadcasted live?
So how about it? :D

Who will win the great pack of milk this year?


Richard Kay

Great news!

Even with the shenanigans of the RPM train last year it was still a great event. :p

Are we having a pre-qualy day again?

Bram Hengeveld

Are we having a pre-qualy day again?
No i dont think so this year. Was a lot of work and in the end half of the guys didnt show up or left after one lap. This year i think we should drive with people that have shown some commitment in previous leagues and club races.

Nevertheless it will be super cool again :D
IRP is a short track :) (I might be mistaken, but I think it was in NR2 or 98 version or something like that)
IMS is if not mistaken also a illegal conversion
I think Ingo meant the evo mod :)
i think those are also illegal...but might be wrong....
but hmmm....Puebla oval with F3000?.....:)

but nah....rFactor it is and rFactor it will stay
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