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RD Summer Fun Contest – The Ugliest Car Ever Made

Davide Nativo

Columnist for RaceDepartment
RD Tournament.png

Have you ever thought, seeing a car, that it is the ugliest possible car existing? Yes? Well then, prove it!

It is hot! No, I am not talking about the current temperature, at least if you live in the northern hemisphere. I am talking about the ‘RD Summer Fun Contest’!

What am I talking about? The ‘RD Summer Fun Contest’ will be a tournament amongst the ugliest cars ever made!
How will it work? Simple, straight and easy:

- Comment down below with your pick as the ugliest car ever made, attach a picture and a brief reason why you think it should be included in the tournament; only road, street legal, cars are eligible;

- At the end of next week, I’ll pick 8 of the ‘most liked’ ugly cars among those suggested by the community;

- We will then proceed with the contest itself! Each of the eight contenders will be presented in all its glory, and a poll will be opened, lasting 5 days, for you to vote the ugliest among those!

- When the poll will be closed, I’ll pick the 4 most voted cars, and then we will repeat the process again to now select 2 from those remaining;

- In the last week of the contest, approximately 3 weeks from now, there will be the Grand Finale: a fiery clash between the last two standing ugly cars, to see which one will win as the “RD Community Voted – Ugliest Car Ever Made”!

What is in it for the community? Apart from the relentless fun, you mean? Well the person, whose ugly car of choice will end up winning, will get a Premium Pass! If already a premium member, a 1-year extension or a free pass to gift to whoever he/she may like to!

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So go on! Pick your choice and comment down below, with the ugliest car ever made according to you!
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Fiat Multipla
do i rly have do describe this? =D well i had a problem which multipla to pick (a lot of "tuning" versions were contenders)
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I'm looking at our garage right now :cautious:
Peugeot 206 Sedan


maybe it's not the ugliest in others point of view but in my personal opinion it's one of the ugliest in modern era (Still in production) , not just ugly , terrible safety ,no stability at all (because of the added boot), real power 90HP and almost 12K $

Citroen Cactus... it does not even look like a cactus and it is still ugly. The overall shape of the car is not bad, but these ‘strange things’ that are brown in the picture above... Why Citroên?
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I'm sure this car is liked by many, but for me it's still one of the most unsightly things with four wheels to ever.... 'grace' our roads.

Some Daddy Doug for you there as a bonus.
I agree for the multipla and Panamera. But I think Cactus is very cool !
But for me these two are absolutely terrible :

Maybe no the ugliest car, but definitely one of the ugliest supercars (I think it counts as a supercar? maybe not). The Gumpert Apollo

EDIT: Oh, one more, the Volvo 480, a "sportcoupé", but it was FWD and the fastest one developed 120hp from a I4 Turbo
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Matthew Allington

Wham!ming into Spanish rocks
Apparently this is a Mustang...

Ford Mustang Mach III

@FeltHat's got nothing on this :sick:

Land Rover Defender "Mildred"

And take your pick :whistling:

Chrysler PT-Cruiser & Hummer H1
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