RD Racing goes Premium - How to get involved!

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Rupe Wilson

Now is the time to get ready to race on the servers provided by RACEDEPARTMENT.COM

New System:
As you may have noticed, the licensing system has been closed down since mid-January '15. All currently licensed members are free to race until February 28th 2015. After that, the old licence system will be dropped entirely and all members are required to have premium membership in order to race on RD servers.

Please note:

When you enter one of our servers, or our TeamSpeak channel, real names must be used at all times. If you don't have Premium Membership, you will not be allowed to race, and don't forget to read all the racing club rules please :)

***Upgrade your account HERE!***

20 Euros a year,
which works out to be about 38 cents a week or 5.5 cents a day. It must be the deal of the century!

Menu Shortcuts:
toggle fullscreen/windowed

CTRL+S : slow motion (replay)
CTRL+A : ABS on/off
CTRL+T : traction control modes on/off
CTRL+H : show/hide apps
CTRL+O : restart session
CTRL+L : disable names
CTRL+M : toggle mouse steering
CTRL+G: gearbox Auto
CTRL+I : racing line on/off
F11 : toggle virtual mirror
+/- : adjust FOV in-car
PageUp/Down : adjust exposure
\ : Open/close console
F9: Toggle position strip along bottom of screen: Mode/ON/OFF

switch to previous opponent car
CTRL+3: switch to next opponent car
CTRL+2: switch to player car
CTRL+L: toggle opponents name

: enter/exit the car
SPACE : open/close doors
NUMPAD_7 : lights on
NUMPAD_8 : stop lights on
NUMPAD_0 : animate wing 0 (if present)
NUMPAD_1 : animate wing 1 (if present)
NUMPAD_2 : animate wing 2 (if present)
NUMPAD_3 : animate wing 3 (if present)
W : whiper
I : car gearbox animation
arrows : move the car
, and . : rotate wheels/ steer
F7 : FPS mode
TAB : track camera
pag up : previous skin
pag down : next skin
+ : exposure up
- : exposure down
F : roll left
G : roll right
Q : Azimuth +
E : Azimuth -
A : Zenith +
D : Zenith -
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