RD PS4 | S12 R10 | British GP | 24th September 2019

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Dec 12, 2017

Race Time: 8:00pm UK Time (BST)

Host: Ben Goldie | DemoN47z_
Backup Host: Hasnain Aslam | Hasnain282

S11 Pole: Sean van Belkom (1:25.759)
S11 Podium:
Sean van Belkom
2. Mitchell Haverlag
3. Jake Taylor

Drivers Standings (Top 3)
Connor McDonagh (Racing Point) - 114 Points
2. Alex Gerasimenko (Alfa Romeo) - 113 Points
3. Paris Burrell (Haas) - 111 Points

Constructors Standings (Top 3)
Alfa Romeo - 210 Points
2. Racing Point - 124 Points
3. Haas - 111 Points

Pole Position Award: Francis McGinn, Alex Gerasimenko (2)
Fastest Lap Award: Francis McGinn (2)
Driver of the Day Award: Paris Burrell (3)
Notified Absences:
- Theo Faull (McLaren) - Luke will reserve
- Cameron Anderson (Williams) - Nicolas will reserve
- Mitchell Haverlag (Red Bull)
- Jerry Moorrees (Red Bull)
- Jake Taylor (Racing Point)

Reserve List:
- Luke Cage
- Nicolas Giraud

Penalties From Previous Races:
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DemoN F1

Mar 7, 2018
Q: 1st

Really happy with the lap. Looked like I was in for a typical quali session starting 7th, completely out of position. Thankfully though I produced what is easily my best lap on this game, and definitely best for a long long time. Can't remember ever having set a PB in the session before now, so I'm very chuffed.

R: 2nd

I lead from the start and for the rest of the first stint. Wasn't much of a spectacle, but I was very happy with it. Once I failed to get Connor out of my DRS by lap 3 it was never going to happen. Still, my lap times were very solid and my lead was never really under threat.

For the second stint Alex managed to undercut Connor. It was pretty clear after a lap or two that my pace advantage over Alex was a fair bit bigger than it had been to connor, and i felt i probably could've dropped him from DRS eventually. I never had the chance to though, as he decided to make it much easier for me by stumbling over Luke. I lost a little bit of time to back markers, but nothing to complain about really especially as connor was rather hard done by behind.

After all the shenanigans of the race Paris was able to emerge from the pits on fresh softs directly behind me. A bit of a slap in the face tbh- the race fell right on to his lap. As he gained in I tried to recover some precious ERS- but knew I had to let him by at some point to hopefully strike on the last lap. It looked at first like he might gap me straight away but I dug bloody deep and managed to stay with him. I probably didn't have a grip advantage until the final sector of the race, and funnily enough it wasn't quite enough to get it done.

One more lap would've done it, but oh well. Have to respect it, there was nothing else I could've done. Big well done to Paris, seems to have become a much stronger driver since I first raced him in AOR last game. Pleased to have defeated the washed up brigade though, I think even without Alex being so tragic it would've taken a mistake for me to lose out to them today.

Back to normality in Germany :D

Luke Cage

Mar 8, 2018
Back to normality at Silverstone it seems. Me sh*t.

Decided to go long on the H, figuring I'd be in with a shout of Fastest Lap at the end on S if nothing else.

Managed to not get damaged after that melee at the start... but being on the H I obviously had not the best pace to go with my already pretty poor native pace, but I tried to hang on and kept it clean.

Cars in front pitted, putting me up the order... then @DemoN F1 came out behind me on much fresher tyres. Obviously I wasn't holding him up as best I could, so I let him through as soon as he caught up and then, playing the wingman, cut off the cars behind him with some hard (but fair) racing to give him the best chance of getting away with no pressure.

Actually worked and I kept both @alex1994128 and @BigC_015 behind for a few laps... but I could only keep it up for so long before succumbing.

Eventually pitted on L20, tried for Fastest Lap but couldn't even do that. Missed out by about 0.130...

Overall, crap race pace wise, but some fun little battles throughout made it worthwhile.
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Dec 12, 2017
Got lucky with avoiding the incident at the start and ended up with a couple of points in the end.