RD Porsche Mobil One Supercup championship?

i just came back from a club race using porsche mobil one supercup and i wondered if we could do a league out of the cars. Everyone thought it was a good idea so i thought i would put up a poll. It is very competitive racing and tricky cars and there is very little you can change so it comes down to driving. There are aslo three types of tires, soft, medium, and hard tires so you need to be stratigic. I tried it out offline on my game and it is very exciting from wrecks to good finishes. Also we could change track conditions (weather and temperature) so you would have to make a decision on what tires to run.
Of course it is gonna have to be approved by the staff members but it needs votes so they know there will be a lot of drivers . Hope you guys are interested.

Ross Balfour

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It will probably need to wait it's turn as leagues are in chock-a-block at the minute.

I'd say there are more exciting cars than these IMO, but yes they are fun for the occasional club race but I wouldn't see myself rushing to the sign up list of a league with them in it.

Tom Watts

well have to desagree i think there are gd little series we could run and it was fun and gave some gd close racing round spa there. Now i have also raced these at donninghton online with some of the presto gp boys at crimbo and that was alot of fun close racing and i think u wouldnt just get a runway leader like u do in other serieses.
Well, I have yet to actually compete in a league, but this would definitely be the series that would put me over that hump. i love running these around Spa, Donington GP, Nurburgring GP, etc.
However, I would not cooun count t on yet another league... We have a lot of those now.
Ok maybe do it later on like in the summer or fall because i know atcc is over on saturday and the rdtcc ends in six weeks which is in late May and the nations gp ends june 4th so summer the leagues will start to be a little eased. Think after those leagues are done we can try it?

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
There is likely to be others lined up though Joshua. The leagues are large logistical challeneges to set up and are often planed way in advance.
ok that makes sense. If you think about it in the future though because i think they would be a good idea in the future of course i don't make the decision. It's up to you guys and the rd members on the league.
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