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RD Mazda MX5 Cup 2016

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Kacper Kolodziejczyk

Keep calm and race on!
Honestly if it's such short races I find 3 commentators to be cramped (only once you hit above an hour it's really viable), so I'll be there as backup beforehand but as soon as it's sure both of you can make it, I'll let you run the show since as Tobias said, I know literally nothing about this series :p
Had to nope out of this one. Three incidents on the first lap with no fault of my own is just too much for me. Hope the race was a bit cleaner in the later laps.


Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst.
So for the first time I've not finished the race. Was doing ok and then lost it on one of the corners and kept making stupid mistakes at pretty much every corner. Completely lost fun factor and the whole experience became just a frustration. Decided to abandon the track as there was no hope for a reasonable finish and big chance of ruining it for someone else with my inconsistent driving.

Thank you all for all those races, thanks to staff for a great event and congratulations to everyone for a great racing atmosphere and respect. Hopefully we'll race together soon again!
Yes it's me, man you're too dangerous, srsly, 2 time you hit me at the same turn !! You hit me to put me out off the track and you didn't had enough fair play to don't overtake after this. I mean, it's a race ok but even in race, we have to be fair play, i also hit a few time some cars, i never overtake after that.


Czarleeese Baygio
Could some kind soul please upload the replay? My connection is a bit slow for uploading this much...
Could some kind soul please upload the replay? My connection is a bit slow for uploading this much...

I can try to do it. (I have all the replay btw :D).

Edit: finally no, since the end of the race my connection doesn't stop to go away and come back again lol.
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I don't suggest this to a (completely) un-trained person or a person not being used to it, a bit depending on the track this can be quite intense. :) [Especially both races in Brands Hatch were.., but for me it's fine. No problem. If I was 59 y. maybe then.. :).]
I had not the very best pace here, even earlier on weeks ago in RSR Livetiming. But at least it ('n' I) was quite consistant again and P11 is overall quite nice, after testing around with the setup(s) I ended up using my setup out of the Brands Hatch Indy race with just changes / an update in the dampers setup tap. Since I knew best what to expect from that setup.
Started testing a bit late, only today 45 Min. previous the practice session I started driving around this track.
But that's no excuse, at least I already knew the track.

Thx for all the effort, for bringing up such a great championship, broadcasts and everything !
Thanks @all the Staff for organising this event :thumbsup:
Enjoyed the 4 races I was involved in, although had some bad luck in 3 races being punted to the back in 3 :(
Had great battles throughout though and happy to score points in some very intense races(sweated pints)
Congratulations to @SakL Sakke for taking top spot :notworthy:
Look forward to the next one, hungry for more now :):thumbsup:

Craig Patteson

Natural Born Racer Racer in Pyjamas
firstly wanna thank @Tobias Röhner for setting up this league @Davy Vandevenne for his awesome work on the camera and also the commentators @10phillyphan @Lorenzo Bonder and @samcar304 all 3 of you did an awesome job

My first league on assetto corsa and it was a nice experience first races went well sad to miss Monza due to no pc and then having to league during round 5 due to high ping but very happy with my result and brands hatch gp

well done to @SakL for winning the drivers title :)

hopefully see you guys at the next league :)
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