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  1. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    RDLMS Season 2 Intro & Info

    The RaceDepartment staff recommends reading this entire article for those that wish to enter the competition.

    League: RaceDepartment Le Mans Series
    Season: 2 (2010/11)
    Game Required: rFactor
    Divisions: 1 (40 teams with multiple drivers)
    Mod: Endurance Series v1.2 by EnduRacers

    Welcome to the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series - Season 2 (RDLMS S2). RDLMS is an endurance series with races from six up to twelve hours in which teams with multiple drivers battle for the supremacy on a series of challenging circuits. The second season, to be held in the autumn and winter of 2010 and the spring and summer of 2011, consists of five events on circuits all over the world, including the most legendary endurance circuit: Circuit de la Sarthe in
    Le Mans.

    Changes in Season 2
    Season 1, the pilot season, has been a very eventful season with a lot of ups and downs, trails and errors, but eventually success. The staff has taken that season in consideration to launch a better organised second season. Therefore changes had to be made, but they are for the better.

    • Season 2 will be a season championship, contrary to season 1 that was pretty much event based. Teams will be required to participate the entire season and will score points for the championship of their specific class. All classes will still race together though.
    • To participate each team will require a license that is provided by RaceDepartment to the team owner of that team. What this license is all about can be read in the RDLMS S2 Team Owner License Agreement.
    • Each race will have a designated number of mandatory driver swaps in order to keep teams with a large number of drivers competitive. There will be additional rules for those that sharer a PC and thus cannot perform a regular driver swap.

    Available Cars
    The cars available come for the Endurance Series by EnduRacers. RaceDepartment will try to stay up to date with the latest patches and releases of this mod, but much will depend on how the release dates relate to the calendar. This list will be updated according to the latest decisions of the staff concerning implemented patches and releases.

    Protoypes 1 (P1)

    • Audi R10
    • Creation CA06
    • Epsilon Euskadi EE1
    • Peugeot 908 HDI 2008
    • Zytek 06S
    Prototypes 2 (P2)

    • Acura ARX 01B
    • Courage C65 Mazda
    • Courage C65 AER
    • Courage C65 Judd
    • Porsche RS Spyder Evo 2008
    Grand Touring 1 (GT1)

    • Aston Martin DBR9
    • Corvette C6R
    • Saleen S7-R
    Grand Touring 2 (GT2)

    • Ferrari F430 2008
    • Panoz Esperente GTLM
    • Porsche 997 RSR 2008
    • Spyker C8
    > Download the Endurance Series mod by EnduRacers: [Mod v1.2 + SP1] + [SP1 v1.1]

    Calendar (May be updated during the season. Any major changes will be announced.)
    29 August 2010 - Season 2 licenses become available
    02 October 2010 - Deadline*: License requests Season 2
    09 October 2010 - Deadline*: Round 1 car liveries
    22 October 2010 - [!] Deadline*: Round 1 driver line-up
    23 October 2010 - Test Race 1
    13 November 2010 - [!] Round 1 – 6 Hours of Monza – 12:00 IG – 1 Swap
    26 November 2010 - Deadline*: Round 2 car liveries
    03 December 2010 - [!] Deadline*: Round 2 driver line-up
    04 December 2010 - Test Race 2
    18 December 2010 - [!] Round 2 – 8 Hours of Daytona – 10:00 IG – 2 Swaps
    21 January 2011 - Deadline*: Round 3 car liveries
    28 January 2011 - [!] Deadline*: Round 3 driver line-up
    29 January 2011 - [!]Test Race 3
    12 February 2011 - [!] Round 3 – 6 Hours of Sebring – 2TA – 12:00 IG – 1 Swap
    11 March 2011 - [!] Deadline*: Round 4 car liveries
    25 March 2011 - [!] Deadline*: Round 4 driver line-up
    26 March 2011 - [!] Test Race 4
    9 April 2011 - [!] Round 4 – 8 Hours of Fuji – 3TA – 15:00 IG – 2 Swaps
    06 May 2011 - [!] Deadline*: Round 5 car liveries
    20 May 2011 - [!] Deadline*: Round 5 driver line-up
    21 May 2011 - [!] Test Race 5
    4 June 2011 - [!] Round 5 – 12 Hours of Le Mans – 12:00 IG – 3 Swaps

    [!] = Mandatory deadline or event. Missing the designated deadline or event will result in the revocation of the license. In case of test races the team in question will be denied qualifcation in the upcoming official event.
    * = Deadlines are set at 23:59 GMT at the announced date.
    TA = Time Acceleration. This indicate how much time acceleration is used in the race. 2TA means double time speed, which means the environmental time goes twice as fast as usual.
    00:00 IG = Time In Game. This indicates the in-game starting time of the race. To be sure, this is not the real starting time of the event or race.
    Swap = Mandatory Driver Swap. This indicates the minimum number of driver swaps that must be performed during the race.

    Session Info

    • Free Practice, all cars (55 minutes)
    • Qualification GT1 & GT2 (20+5 minutes)**
    • Qualification P1 & P2 (20+5 minutes)**
    • Warm-up (15 minutes)
    • Race: 6, 8 or 12 hours
    **In case a team enters the circuit during the wrong qualification session they will lose the right to set a time and have to start at the back of the line (either Prototype or GT). The same goes for teams that cross the finish line more than once after the "RETURN TO PIT" mark has been given.

    The race has a Manual Formation Lap and a Rolling Start. Read article 5.6 of the RaceDepartment League Regulations for more information on this procedure.

    In RDLMS S2 a total of 40 teams will participate in each event. Each team has a team owner who holds the license provided by RaceDepartment and takes responsibility for the organisation of the team. The team owner will be the person who communicates with the RDLMS staff and provides the necessary information to the other members of his team.

    To start a team in RDLMS the team owner must read and agree with the Team Owner License Agreement (TOLA). Additionally he must create and manage his team in RD GPCOS, the results and standings system of RaceDepartment.

    > Read the RDLMS S2 TOLA
    > Go to the RD GPCOS Control Center

    Each team consists of two to six drivers who cover part of the races and swap places during the pitstops. It is up to the team owners to decide who these drivers are. Each driver must be a Licensed Member of RaceDepartment and must create a driver account at RD GPCOS to be allowed to participate in the races of RDLMS S2.

    > Become a Licensed Member of RaceDepartment
    > Go to the RD GPCOS Control Center

    Each team is free to provide a car livery (paint job) to be put on its car by the RDLMS staff. The livery may change per event as long as it is provided before the designated deadline for that event. The livery must meet certain requirements and must be provided in a specific way. Read the Skin Sending Instructions thread to find out what these requirements are. Note that we do not want to get burried in workload, so please do not change your skins unless it is a necessity (change of car for example). Also, once you have delivered your skin, you do not have to send it a second time for the next round. All skins will automatically move to the next round.

    > Skin Sending Instructions
    > Contact [Damian Dainhumain] (unavailable for Round 3), [Matt Strand] or [Matthias Meier]

    Live Broadcast by Simrace.TV
    > Simrace.TV

    > Round 1 Slot
    > Round 2 Slot
    > Round 3 Slot
    > Round 4 Slot
    > Round 5 Slot

    Slot times are CET!

    Additional Rules

    Mandatory Driver Swap
    In each race every team has to perform a certain minimum number of driver swaps. During a driver swap one driver takes over the wheel from the other. In rFactor this means a spectator takes over control of the car from a driver during a pitstop, after which the roles switch. This procedure must take place at least one to three times depending on the event. The longer the race, the more driver swaps must be performed. Teams that do not perform enough driver swaps will be disqualified.

    In case a team shares the same PC during the event they cannot perform the driver swap through rFactor, but will simply manually swap drivers in real. The staff cannot register such driver swaps. To counter this a special procedure is designed. It goes as follows:

    • Before the event the drivers sharing the PC create an rFactor driver profile that contain their names, e.g. Smith-Johnson-Bush or Smi-Joh-Bus or something similar.
    • Whenever the team performs a manual driver swap they move the car into the pit and stop at a designated spot at the end of the pitlane. There the car must stand still for at least 10 seconds before continuing the race. The team is allowed to combine this manual driver swap with a regular pitstop, first stopping for tyres and fuel and then moving to the designated spot for the swap.
    • After the race the team must notify the RDLMS staff about in which laps the driver swaps were performed. They have until 24 hours after the finish of the race to do this.
    In case not enough manual driver swaps are performed by PC-sharing teams, or in case they do not report the laps of the driver swaps the team gets disqualified. Additional manual swaps do not need to be performed, even if actual swapping takes place, but it is of course allowed to go through the procedure more often than the amount of mandatory swaps indicate (like we would stop you...).

    Important Links

    > News & Announcements
    > Team Owner License Agreement
    > Q&A
    > Skin Sending Intstructions
    > Paddock (General Chat)
    > RaceDepartment GPCOS

    Contact the Staff

    > Damian Dainhumain, Matt Stand, Matthias Meier (skinpack & liveries)
    > Remco de Wildt (Q&A, servers, daily maintenance)
    > Yoeri Gijsen (GPCOS, entries & regulations)
  2. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    RDLMS S2 - News & Announcements

    Season 2 Coming Up!

    As Season 1 comes to an end, Season 2 is being prepared. Several new Season 2 threads will pop up while still being under construction. Also Season 1 non-race threads will be merged and vaulted along the way. This might be a bit messy for a couple of weeks, but it will go clean soon enough.

    In the meantime you can have a look at what Season 2 will look like and what issues we still have to resolve.

    Also during this week invitations will be sent to some of the team owners to enter one or two teams in Season 2. Keep an eye on your PM box (and empty it if it's full!).

    Finally Christopher and I will take a little step back during Season 2 allowing others to become the 'faces' of RDLMS. Christopher and I will still keep working on RDLMS on the background, but your contact will mostly be with them.

    See you in Season 2!
  3. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    RDLMS S2 - Team Owner License Agreement


    What is this?

    This is the overview of the license agreement contents for team owners in the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series - Season 2. It displays how the license functions and what team owners must do to obtain and keep the license.

    RDLMS: RaceDepartment Le Mans Series.
    RDLMS – Season 2: Second season the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series.
    Team: Consists of the team owner, his car and his drivers.
    Team owner: The person that holds the license and manages the team.
    License: The license as described in this entire text.
    Licensed Member: A person who has been approved by the RaceDepartment as a Licensed Member after filling in the Licensed Member Application form.
    Mod: The software that contains the cars used in the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series
    Mandatory events: The actual championship events that every team owner must enter a team in.

    Validity and Property
    Only licenses provided by the RDLMS staff will be considered valid. Each license has a unique number that is shared with the team owner for communication. Any licenses provided by the RDLMS staff will remain the property of RaceDepartment. The RDLMS Staff has the right to revoke the license at any time. The natural expiration date of the license is the day after the final scheduled event of RDLMS – Season 2

    Contents, Rights, Terms and Conditions
    The license is provided to a person by the RDLMS Staff. This person becomes the team owner, who is responsible for meeting the conditions that come with the license. The license agreement remains valid until it expires or is returned to or revoked by the RDLMS Staff.

    The license gives the team owner the right to enter a team with one car of a designated class into every event of the RDLMS - Season 2. The number of the license corresponds with the class in question. The team owner and his team thus become bound to this designated class by the license.

    The team owner is free to choose any type of car within the designated class to enter the events with. Once he has chosen a car, the team owner must enter this car for as long as the license remains valid. No changes are allowed unless the RDLMS Staff decides otherwise (in case of an update on the used mod’s contents).

    Team owners are obliged to make use of this license by entering a team into every mandatory event of RDLMS – Season 2. These do not include test events. In case a team owner fails to enter a team into any of the mandatory events of RDLMS – Season 2 the license will be revoked immediately after the event in question.

    Team owners are obliged to provide a valid line-up of their team’s drivers prior to every mandatory event of RDLMS – Season 2 before a designated date. One date will be designated for every mandatory event. The line-up must contain at least two drivers and all of them must be a Licensed Member of RaceDepartment by the time of the mandatory event in question to be considered valid. In case a team owner has failed to provide a valid line-up before by the passing of the designated date the license will be revoked immediately.

    At least two drivers (but not necessarily all) of the valid line-up provided by the team owner must enter the mandatory events of RDLMS – Season 2. In case a team owner fails to enter at least two of the drivers of the valid line-up provided by him the license will be revoked immediately after the mandatory event in question.

    In case the team owner wants to change the line-up of his team he must request permission of the RDLMS Staff. Only if they accept the line-up change may take place. In case the team owner enters a driver that is not in the valid line-up of the team into any event of RDLMS – Season 2 the license will be revoked immediately after the event in question.

    Team owners must make sure they recruit drivers that are not already enlisted in other teams. A driver can only be in one team at the time.

    One person cannot hold more than two licenses, thus managing a maximum of two teams. These teams cannot be in the same class (e.g. P2). A team owner cannot choose to appoint a puppet team owner on a third satellite team. Therefore no more than two teams can share a similar name or share a clearly associable name.

    The team owner and his team must stick to the rules that the RDLMS Staff has assigned to RDLMS – Season 2. In case the rules are violated by the team owner or a member of his team the team owner risks losing the license. Additionally misbehaviour might lead to the same.

    In case the license expires, is returned or is revoked the team owner loses the rights that come with it. Additionally he no longer needs to meet the terms and conditions of the license.

    How to request a license?
    Any license in RDLMS must be requested. A person can do this by following the procedure below. Note that the person that requests the license automatically acknowledges to have read and understand the contents of the license as displayed in this entire text.

    Send a Private Message to Yoeri Gijsen through the RaceDepartment forum containing the following information:
    - Name of the team
    - Class of preference (also list 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice in order of preference!)

    No requests can be made before 29 August 2010 (unless by invitation)!
    No new requests will be accepted after 2 October 2010! (This only applies to Round 1 - new entries are accepted for later Round, each of which has its own deadline)

    How to return a license?

    In case a team owner wants to quit RDLMS – Season 2 he must return to license to RaceDepartment. He can do this by sending a Private Message to Yoeri Gijsen through the RaceDepartment forum containing the following information:
    - Number of the license
    - Name of the team
  4. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    Final results Season 1 are up!

    Final announcement regarding Season 1: The results of the 6 Hours of Sebring are live. Go check them out at RD GPCOS!
  5. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    RDLMS S2 - Paddock (General Chat)

    Welcome to the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series Paddock. Here you can chat with other drivers and staff about RDLMS Season 2. Keep in mind that RDLMS S2 related questions should be asked in the RDLMS S2 - Q&A thread.
  6. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    RDLMS S2 - Questions & Answers

    In this thread you can ask questions about the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series Season 2. The staff will try to answer them as best as possible. Please make sure you've read the RDLMS S2 - Intro & Info thread to make sure your answer is not in there already.
  7. Neil Tasker

    Neil Tasker

    as its a championship based this time round, once we pick a car do we have to stay in that car through out the whole championship,

    i think i would be best to the people carnt hotpick the best cars for track, it means some track you,ll just have to work with what you got,
  8. Bob Hutchins

    Bob Hutchins

    Read: Team Owner License Agreement
  9. Lee Palmer

    Lee Palmer

    Season 1 was brilliant and me and my team mates can't Wait for this :p. DSC have had a good first few races in this series and from my POV personally I want to progress in season two, moving our team further forwards.
  10. Robert McColl

    Robert McColl

    If i entered 2 drivers in the Season 2 and both drivers stayed in the same house (being my 2 sons) do we have to use 2 PC'S so that driver changes can be made in the correct way or is it possible to do a driver change with the same PC.
  11. Neil Tasker

    Neil Tasker

    you can share from one pc thats fine,

    all that info is in the Team Owner License Agreement
  12. Remco de Wildt

    Remco de Wildt

    You can find that answer in the Intro and Info thread ;)
  13. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    Public Sign-ups Are Open!

    Last week several invitations were sent to several of the best performing and most dedicated teams to join RDLMS. Now anyone else can request a license and prove they are part of that group in Season 2 as the sign-ups are officially open! Please read the Intro & Info thread for more information.

    On a sidenote: The GT2 class is the least requested at this moment. If you want to be sure of having a spot in RDLMS Season 2, you might want to consider the GT2 class!
  14. Chris Jacque

    Chris Jacque

    I have just put 20mins in on Daytona (version hosted here w/ P1 chassis) and there are a few problems.

    a) pit exit is stupidly narrow for prototypes, can see a lot of bodywork damage here
    b) lots and lots of cutting opportunities when it goes from the oval to infield and back again
    c) no clear markers on the oval aka if you go real real low there are no bumps, yet on the oval banking its pretty damn bumpy
    d) lack of braking markers
    e) unusual grip levels on certain corners

    On a side note I would be more than happy to pre-test tracks if it needs doing so we can avoid any possible issues

  15. Lee Palmer

    Lee Palmer

    Daytona worked quite well in Ryan's Grand Am event. They're quite big cars and the pitlane didnt cause any Issues I don't think.
  16. Chris Jacque

    Chris Jacque

    Please try it for yourself, I am only reporting what I have found.

    May I also just say that FSR produces tracks for their races, conveniently most of those tracks also belong on the Le man calender. Would it be beneficial to maybe use some of their tracks as all the bugs have already been ironed out (like the lethal kerbs at Sebring) ?
    BTW here is the calenders for 2010/11 for the Le man series.

    2010 Le Mans Series schedule

    11 Apr Paul Ricard
    9 May Spa-Francorchamps FSR release (PS I would love an enduro here)
    17 Jul Algarve
    22 Aug Hungaroring FSR release
    12 Sep Silverstone FSR release (and here :) )

    2011 American Le Mans Series schedule:

    March 19, Sebring International Raceway (Sebring 12 Hours)
    April 16, Long Beach street circuit
    July 3, TBD
    July 9, Lime Rock Park
    July 31, Mosport International Raceway
    August 6, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Lexington
    August 21, Road America - Elkhart Lake
    September 3, TBA
    September 17, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca ( another fantastic track)
    October 15, Road Atlanta (Petit Le Mans)

  17. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    Chris, it depends what version of Daytona you have tested. So far I had the Jacksonville Road Course in mind. If the Daytona road course is too buggy then surely we go for Jacks (unless a better one is released in the near future).

    We are testing quite a few tracks to open Season 2. Mind though that one of the requirements is that it has at least 41 pitspots to host our field. This proves a problem with many tracks. Then again on some tracks this is easily solved (with permission of the original creator, of course).
  18. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    RDLMS S2 - Driver Recruitement (teamless drivers post here!)

    In this thread drivers can present themselves to team owners that are looking for a driver to race their car. If you are a driver that wants to drive in RDLMS, but have not found a team yet, then make a post containing the following information:

    • Class Preference: (P1? P2? GT1? GT2?)
    • Past Experience: (Leagues? Wins? Other Achievements?)
    • Anything Else?
  19. David Nichols

    David Nichols

    My only gripe is that 3 of the 5 tracks for next season; we've already raced on. Arn't there other tracks we could use instead?
  20. Dan Long

    Dan Long
    2018 RD GPC Champion - #3 RiP Premium

    I believe last year was more of a test season hence the reason tracks are being used again
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