RD Le Mans Series Racing Club at Sebring [Live-stream]

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Daiman Patel, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Daiman Patel

    Daiman Patel
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    It's now Week 4 of the RD Le Mans Series Racing Club, and the backdrop for this weekend's event is Florida! And once again there shall be a live-stream of the race! There are still spots available to be taken, so join the action!

    Sebring International Raceway is one of the most loved race tracks in rFactor 2. In spite of its flat nature, as well as the lack of features and visuals, the circuit is incredibly fast and lends itself perfectly to multi-class racing. So we expect that the event will be well attended, and shall be incredibly enjoyable, yet highly competitive. Don't miss out - sign up now!

    The third week of racing, at Road America, brought us all of the thrills and great racing of the first two weeks, with the addition of the live broadcast. Following its success, the team shall be back again this week with another live-stream via the RaceDepartment Twitch channel, so be sure to join us, if not on track then for the programme!

    Featuring the immensely popular URD cars - EGT and PX mods - the event shall once again comprise two races (however, it is important to note that the order has changed):
    • Friday night (Live-stream) - 2 hour multi-class mini-endurance race (Details)
    • Saturday evening - 1 hour multi-class sprint race (Details)
    For both races the practice session shall commence at 6pm GMT, and the lights will go green at 7pm GMT.

    If you were unable to join us previously then be sure to put your name down for this event!

    In the meantime, you can watch the broadcast from Road America here! Enjoy! :D
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  2. Shawn Jacobs

    Shawn Jacobs
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    Looking forward to this!

    Anyone considering signing up, id highly recommend it, Road America last week will go down as one of my all time favourite races to be a part of, these cars are brilliant, the guys racing are top notch and the broadcast team did an outstanding job! What's not to like? :D
  3. Frank


    As many have requested, let's get some more sign ups!
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  4. Paul Blythe

    Paul Blythe

    Working :cry:
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  5. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
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    Finally back home so for the coming Fridays you can hardcode me on the on the sign up list.
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