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Cars RD HistorX Mod TestCars 1.00

Performance balanced A1 / B0 cars

  1. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear â„¢ Premium

    Stuart Thomson submitted a new resource:

    RD HistorX Mod TestCars - Performance balanced A1 / B0 cars

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  2. Luca Bernacchini

    Luca Bernacchini

    It's hard to judge because I don't know how the real cars handle.
    The first impressions for all cars is that they are easy to drive. Too much easy. I did not know the track nor the cars and I never spun and I've never been close to spun. It's like if they stayed aligned by themselves.
    Then, one by one:
    The Ford is the most fun to drive but it seems really lightweight and this goes in what I said before, it's "unspinnable". It drives by itself.
    The Porsche seems the most real but again too much strangely easy.
    The TVR, at least with my wheel, has a very light wheel. It's like to drive without FF.
    I would like to give you more useful comments but... I really don't know how things are working.
  3. Denis Betty

    Denis Betty
    Staff Premium

    I love these cars. Great fun and although reasonably easy to drive, I found them very immersive. Look forward to seeing how thet shape up in a club race NEXT WEEK. :)
    Great job, would like to see more like this. :thumbsup: