RD GT Championship Final at Spa! (Live Stream)

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    As the season comes to an end the battle is still raging for second in the teams and individual championships.

    Red Bull Ring secured the title for FinnTeam's Tuomas Tähtelä and Rami Mattila. For them, this last round at Spa is just for guts and glory. For the rest of the field though, nothing is decided yet. The Speedymite Ferrari #14, piloted by Erhan Jajovksi to racewin and a few podiums, is taken over by Lorenzo Bonder in the final round, who will want to finish ahead of Tomi Manninen in the second FinnTeam Audi #21 to resolve the tie for second they currently have in the championship. The Nissans of Geoffrey Tassenoy, Stelios Fevgatos and Akis Kevrekedis still have an outside chance of snatching that second place.

    In the teams championship, there is an almighty battle for second place as well, with Talking Door Racing, Stay Puft! and SpeedyMite Racing on almost the same number of points. Redshift and S56 Design are also still in it with a mathematical chance.

    Anything can happen tonight at the demanding Spa circuit, where every lap is a challenge. Tune in tonight to find out who can put the cherry on top of their GT pastry.

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  2. Bram Hengeveld

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    Best of luck everybody:thumbsup:
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    That pass from Kevrekidis on lap 37 was EPIC !
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    Fantastic fight for 3rd, well done @Artur Czarnecki for securing final podium step after all that mighty battle.
    Plenty of other action further down the grid too, so very entertaining to watch. Also big thanks to organisers, to professional stream and entertaining commentators!
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