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RD Fun Contest - Best Racing Engine Ever Made (Finals)

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There can be just one.

It has been a long road. Not all engines have made it this far, and some very good choices capitulated under the blow struck by others. Every poll got a winner, and it is now time for them to face each other in the Finals!
I must say, I did not expect engines like the 6 and 10 cylinders to lose, or at least not with that great of a gap. All choices so far have been very, very strong, and that makes me curious towards how this last voting will shape out.

There is in fact the In-Line 4, loved by many. Torque and lightness its key features. Then there is the V8, which got votes from all around the world. Indeed a very good and reliable engine. Next, the legendary V12; fast, powerful, incredibly good sounding. "There's no better choice for any petrolhead" quoting Andy Palmer, Aston Martin's CEO. Finally yet importantly, the screaming eagle, the hammer, the unforgettable Rotary engine.

I am the first not to be so sure what to choose here. It is going to be good. Remember though, whoever wins here, gets to be the "Best Racing Engine Ever Made"!

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Therefore, vote, and share in the comments a picture and a description of the car you love fitting the engine you root for. Tell us why you like it, since when and if you have any fond memories associated with it. More so, have you ever had the chance to see it in real life? Did you manage to take a picture with it? Is it virtually represented in any sims you like?

Let us know, in the comments below!

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Davide Nativo

Columnist for RaceDepartment
Original poster
Apr 4, 2014
Gotta go with V12 once again!


Deleted member 503495

V12's pedigree and sound just overcomes all others. Matra F1 and Le Mans cars, Lamborghini, McLaren (& F1 GTR), Ferraris, Jaguar XJR-9, etc. :inlove:


Mar 30, 2016
V8, the first irrefutable proof that the way was to reduce size and obtain more power per valve. Small, powerful, victorious and long-lived. My reverence for the Chevrolet V8 - created in the 1950s lives to this day (evolved of course).

Durge Driven

Jun 17, 2017
Pretty even ;) sure if the question was " greatest sounding race engines" I would have had a different view................

In any top 20 list I can think of these V8 can not miss out :)

Chevrolet small-block + big-block
Ford small-block + big-block
I don't know where to start with those 4 they have won so many types of motorsport

Hemi big-block - Nascar legend and power every NHRA top fuel and funny car today

Cosworth DFV 3.0 considered by many the greatest engine ever produced
( 12 x Driver's titles, 10 x Constructor, 2 x LeMans, 10 x Indy 500 )

and that does not include modern V8 .......GT3 / DTM