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Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Dave Wild, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Dave Wild

    Dave Wild

    Would it be a good idea to post expected lap times for the various RD Club races?

    I ask because before signing up for a race I would like to know what time to aim for. I would hate to be lapping say 10s slower than everyone else and getting in their way, or is it just a question of racing the AI and when you can beat them you know you will be OK on line?

    Although the Club races are said to be fine for novices I note that a lot of the drivers who sign up also race in the Pro leagues which I imagine would put them many seconds faster than a novice.
  2. Ryan Callan

    Ryan Callan

    In club races there are very varied speeds of racer, you will nearly always find someone to race with, if you're a fair driver you're welcome. In the rFactor Racing Club you are perfectly free to post laptimes and ask for comparison.

    AI varies wildly from track to mod to track so I would never use that as a benchmark.
  3. Senad Subasic

    Senad Subasic

    RD Leagues are open to everyone, so if someone is driving in one, it doesn't mean a thing. I'm driving in several, and I'm a constant backmarker :)
  4. Nikola Ilivanov

    Nikola Ilivanov

    Same here :D

    Club races are just for the fun. First time I joined, I was lapping 8 seconds slower, with F1 '92 cars at Interlagos Brazil.
    Just hop in the server before the races, as around for advises, watch other people driving lanes and you'll get there. The RD racers that I've met are really helpful and newbie-friendly, so don't hesitate or be shy about something.
    Being slow or fast doesn't matter around here as much as being fair and clean :D
  5. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    We were all newbies once, so get licensed and sign up for F1-92 you wont regret it.
  6. Steve O'Malley

    Steve O'Malley

    What he said.
    I started with Meganes and then very warily entered the F1 1992 on sunday nights which proved to be a lot easier to drive than most other things. There are a good bunch of regulars in there who will always offer help and advice. - There is a regular guy who is usually 2 or 3 seconds quicker than most - the other week he gave his set up to another driver who then went and pipped him for pole position, lol.
    The only way to find out if you like it is to take the plunge and give it a go.
    My advice would be make sure you have learnt the track. Make sure you are aware of other drivers, especially during qualifying and concentrate initially on getting the car to finnish, regardless of position.

    Oh, and read the rules first. Particularly the one that says you must use your proper name.
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