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RBR | RSRBR '18 Modding Guide


forum.rallyesim.fr – I have strong reasons to believe that this site is not safe!!!

My credit card account got hacked right after i have made a donation!

Somebody in french-speaking regions made transactions worth arround 500 euros with it!


Lately i have found myself comming back to Richard Burns Rally, which i already knew and loved
at the time it came out. Somehow the game is still as addictive and fun as it was back then.
So I decided, to play a part in contributing towards keeping the game accessible to a player base
in 2018.

The reasons why someone should give this game a chance, are the driving characteristics,
the sense of speed, the way stages are designed and the knowledge you get on how to drive a rally.
Including the mindset of the driver, driving techniques and the technology of the cars.

All these aspects make the sim unmatched to this day.

Before I start, just a quick reminder:
This game is from 2004 and thereby it has it’s limitations and quirks.
Also, the only source i know to get the game nowadays, if you want to pay for it, is Amazon.
My copy is from gamesplanet. They do not sell it anymore tho.

How to (No RSRBR!)
The easiest way to enjoy RBR on a modern computer is to get a copy, install it and install the FixUp patch, wich can be found here.
Do not bother with the activation key because FixUp will "activate" your copy.

If you are new to Richard Burns Rally, i highly recommend you get used to the base game by finishing the rally school. It’s important, because it teaches you some essential driving techniques.

WorkerBee’s Plugins
PaceNote plugin, FixUp patch, Next Generation Physics (NGP), Training Day, Setup Manager.
All here!

These plugins can also be used without RSRBR!


Installing a new livery is fairly easy. Make a backup of the existing files and drop your new one into: Cars > MODEL > textures.

H-Pattern Gearbox
Download with guide

Particle Mod by Kahoo V5
Get this!
Replace the ini-files in you maps folder with the ones you downloaded.
If you want to use it without RSRBR you may also want to get the particles.dat and replace the original in your textures folder.

Customize resolution
If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you can use DSR to have some quality antialiasing.
As a reference: I own a 1080gtx and run 3840x2160@144fps constantly.

Open up Richard Burns.ini in your roots folder and edit the following to your needs:
XRes = 1920
YRes = 1080

Above 60fps
The game runs just fine above 60fps. However, you may encounter some sound bugs,
wich can be fixed partially atm.
Open the FixUp.ini in your plugins folder and change the sound refresh rate.

Head Gasket Durability
Setting a Value from 1 to 3 (?) makes the head Gasket more robust.

Special thanks go to:
Warren Dawes – He did the groundwork for this guide and more.
WorkerBee – Check the forum for more info.

Links (be carefull!)

Thanks for reading!
I hope one day, this game will find it’s worthy successor.
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