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RBR Rally school

I am no Rally driver at all, but RBR is the only game that i feel teach me how to drive Rally and i can really feel the over/understeer and contra. In other Rally "simulators" i can never feel that contra hitting me back after a bad over or understeer (mostly oversteer ofc), in RBR all this feels much more accurate for me.

So i have been playing RBR alone a lot (and googled for tips ofc), and the learning curve is slowly going up but i would like som suggestions on how to get those last gold stars and the very last star (on that las course wich i have not finished stil), becouse asking this its much easier for you to pin point the sugestions (when Playing RBR School and not the game in general).

Handbrake turn gravel: my best is 17:50 - i driver first gear all the way, and pump on the gas so i just dont spin to much.

Power slide: i Use 2 gear all the way, but i always feel i spin a tad to much to get the last second to Gold star, seems very hard to get a gold on this one.

The last course: My best time is 01:27 ( need 01:24 so i am getting close). Here you need to handle left foot braking, U turn (scandinanvian flick).. I am not sure how to get down 3 mor seconds, so tips i would gladly take :). ps: A gold star is far far away on this one :).

i can see from the ghost car that i am often behind in the start. Tried holding handbrake, full throtle and release, but im never as fast as the ghost car (also tried trhe same but 2 gear).
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hello glenn!

yes, i too am stuck on the final training course in the RBR advanced rally school. the majority of the rally school was not that difficult, aside from a couple stages here and there. but wow, that last stage i just cannot seem to get below 1:27-1:28, no matter how fast i drive.

that said, i did some googling, also looking for any tips from other RBR fans trying to complete the advanced rally school with NGP ( ) and the consensus is that an average player is just not going to be able to do it. that time on the final rally school course is based on the original unmodified game's physics, which allowed the cars to drive faster. so with the NGP physics installed, its just not gonna happen.

tbh, id consider my score of 1:27 to be a win at this point. i suppose i could load an unmodified version of RBR and tackle the course if i really needed to "complete it," and it is absolutely possible to complete with NGP physics, but its such a jump in driving skills/execution that its honestly only for expert players.

id love to see someone post a video clip of them completing it with NGP6 physics; and possibly upload their ghost car to practice with :rolleyes:
HI :).

Thanks for the reply

Yeah the must usefull would be a video of somone driving with NGP and at the same time telling what they are actually doing, feks This turn only let throttle go to gain grip, at this turn i am heave on the left foot breaking due to speed and so on.

I did what for me was a perfect run just now with Ford WRC 1.6 315 HP (a tad more than the Original cars) and got the time 01:25:8 , and i think i will not be able to do any better the way i drive now as this for me was a clean run, so yes some driving tips the way you mentioned would be awsome :). If i am able to drive that way thats another story, but then i know what i need to practice on.
yes, im getting a little better/more consistent with times around 1:26:xx , and it's looking more possible to accomplish with the NGP6 cars (im driving the VW polo WRC, btw)

the more i play the course, its apparent that the time saving is done cutting a few of the early corners and the last corners. also, the biggest time killer for me is absolutely that hard right turn. and as much as i want to power slide/drift through the turn, it seems from looking at people running this stage on youtube, that you want to just brake hard and stay on the road and not drift through the turn

but, im getting close, and honestly its very fun to load up my pacecar and get better times. having that pacecar on hand lets me find what is/isnt working and to re-strategize the route to see if i am saving time or not

i did it!

pretty much played/studied kev edward's clip of the rally school stage with NGP6 over and over until i had the turns memorized, and after a good 10-15 tries, finally got it beat with a time of 1:23:44 :thumbsup: . looking at my previous PBs, i was definitely playing the rally school stage "proper" and not cutting corners as aggressive as kev did in that video, and the real time saver is that last bit of cutting the 3 corners at the end of the stage

very glad to finally beat this stage

Rally School NGP6 - 1_23_44.jpg

happy new year, @Glenn Pettersen !
I will check the URL but i already am trying to cut the last corners, but on the other hand im sure i do not do it the best way possible (ofc im not), my best is now 01:25:01
thats awesome!
man, it was such a great feeling beating the final race in the rally school :cool:

i do recall folks saying that the original 2004 version of RBR cars drive faster than NGP6 cars, but that still doesnt take away from beating this beast of a stage.

@pankamil have you tried beating the final race in the rally school with NGP6?