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RBR Particle mods

Anyone have any of those particle mods? I think Damien posted a link with a bunch of them a while back.

I have backed up HDR, H-shifter, camhack, and gauger mods I use, but forgot to back up the particle mod :(
Hey Guys,
I´m also searching for my gone particle mod I had in the past.
Actually I´m not sure which one it was.....
All I remember is, that it had very dense foggy dust and there had been a Peugeot 206 in the snow on its preview picture.....
It is not the mod of kahoo or from mods collection 2.15
Any other ideas?
Does anyone that's using these or other particle mods have a problem with particles not showing when vsync is disabled? On my old computer (windows xp) I was using Kahoo v5 with rsrbr2014 with vsync disabled and everything was fine. Built a new computer recently (windows 7) and particles won't show unless I enable vsync. Can't remember doing anything special previously.