[RBR] Automatic generation of co-driver's pacenotes


Mar 30, 2009
I have written a couple of octave scripts that quickly and easily generate the pacenotes. The steps are truly simple:

  1. Export the track and copy pacenotes.ini and driveline.ini from the export destination's folder, to the c:\pn folder.
  2. Run the scripts*:
  3. Copy the generated salida\pacenotes.ini to the export destination's folder (but before, make a copy of the original one!)
*To run the scripts you only hace to run octave, and if, for example, you have copied the scripts and .ini files to the c:\pn folder, you must type:

> cd c:\pn
> pacenotes
> pacenotes2(0.03,10)

where 0.03 is a sensibility factor (the lower, the bigger the amount of curves detected, including false positives), and 10 is the distance before the detected curves where you want the pacenotes to be called.

The script is based on a simple idea: I compute the angle turned in the curve. I really compute 2 parameters: a) angle turned in the central 25m of the curve and b) angle turned in 100m centered in the curve. Then for each curve a decision is made. For example: if the total turn (in 100m) is above 140 degrees, we decide it is a hairpin. Read (and modify if you want to) function asignar_pacenote inside pacenotes2.m.

I have tested the scripts with the Pikes Peak Climb and a test track, and the results are quite good imho.

Note 1: the discussion about the topic "automatic pacenotes generation" started on this thread, but I think it deserves its own thread, with a right title. Nevertheless if you are interested you should read the other thread too.

Note 2: may be soon I will release another script for doing the same tasks. It is being programmed by my brother and he is using a different approach.