Ok guys, I have just read a post about the new WRC game and I'm not excited.

Here is a question for you all, I'm putting together a progect here, and I NEED to know if it is just a pipe dream.

Would you want, REALLY want, to be able to run in RBR EVERY stage in its full length from the 2001 WRC?

14 rallies, each with about 350km'?

and the most important question, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

Would you be willing to help cover the costs for a team to create these stages? Or is it just my own crazy idea?
Would be an awesome project, but the distance would be pretty extreme. I think off the top of my head F1 races are about 300km and they take over 90 mins each. When you think the average speed of an f1 would be. 2 or 3 times that of a rally car on a stage, drivers would have to commit enourmous portions of time to each event.

If split over 2 days how long would it take to complete?

How many of the 350k would be competetive stages?

That aside I'd definately be interested in contributing and taking part providing it didn't clash with other commitments. Especially so if there was scope to create our own carpack or skinpack and enter our own teams.
Thanks Craig for at least ONE responce.

350ish KM's IS competitive. an on average a WRC round is 3-4 hours of competition. Enourmous portions of time? yes, but much more worth it. I for one get a little bored being able to complete an entire championship in a game in one night. The longest championship I know of was in WRC3, and that was still to short, or is that just me? Am I the only one that wants a rally game that DOES take a whole weekend to complete 1 rally?

My first racing sim was GP2 ( i think i'm showing my age with that) and I never played it with anything but full distance.

As for car packs and skins, the RSRBR plugin/mode/thing is where I would think of running it, so everything is already there. The stages just need to be made.
You're not the only one, I'd like to be able to run a real rally too. Also always raced full distance, since GP3 in my case.

Don't know how much I'd be willing to pay for it. Let's put it this way, €20 for Race On is too much for me, so 20 I guess :D. Not sure if that amount per person would cover the expenses, thought, since it wouldn't be a large market...
I'd love to be able to run the full length and some weekends I probably could, but on a regular basis I think most people would struggle.

That said if it could be fit into one day, I think it would work well. The RD Le Mans series works well and they run much longer than we would.

Warren Dawes

Some initial thoughts (I didn't want to post too early in case my views influenced others)

I'll keep an open mind about the new WRC 2010 game and judge it when released. I've learned not to get wrapped up in pre release marketing hype.

With RBR, the one thing I'd love to see is new tracks, especially if they simulated current WRC tracks across the world. The length of the stages is ok to be longer, presuming that you are mainly referring to the off-line Championship mode of RBR (which I think is basically very good). RBR is crying out for new tracks,


Here is my dilemma.
I have no idea how you might plan to develop these new tracks, but to date, it has been via BTB. As good as some of these tracks are, they have some significant deficiencies, probably outside the control of BTB. I really enjoy being able to immerse myself in the tv style replays, this doesn't seem possible with BTB tracks. They also seem to not integrate well into the main menu's, usually they load with heaps of error reports, and often you have to close RBR via task manager to get out of a loop after running the stage.
If I have to pay for an expansion to RBR, I'd want it to look like a professional integration into the main RBR game.
I guess it comes down to that question you ask, would I be prepared to pay for it ? Maybe, but depends how much and if those issues can be resolved.
I don't know if it is a pipedream or not, don't understand the technical issues well enough, but it sorta looks unlikely without some very professional input (from the original dev's would be magic).

As an idea / dream, I love it. The basic physics of RBR is so good, having the full WRC tracks to the standard of the existing default tracks, and integrated into the game the same as the default tracks, would be fantastic, and I'd buy that in an instant at a reasonable market price.
Guys, thanks for your input so far, i hope i can get much more before too long.

As far as I've seen from WRC2010, i'm not that excited. I think the graphics will be great, the phyisics "look " like they could be on the money, but in real rally terms I am talking about something so much past what i beleive they will produce it would be in a different universe. But Warren, your right, this is not about WRC2010, so please nobody mention it again. There is another thread for that;)

The stages I am looking at having built would be in original format, which means you could run in different weather, no (after they are fixed:rolleyes:) error reports. BTB is awsome, by the way, I just wish I could use it better.

What I am talking about is NOT a comercial product and would run as any other stage fom the RSRBR stable through that plugin. But yes the exit process would need some work too. It would not look like an expantion pack for RBR, it would be new RSRBR stages built for those of us who want something extra from the game.

As for the market price, no, it would not be "reasonable"! It would be a flop in the marketplace if you tried to release it (thats why it has never and WILL never happen) so it would come down to those of us that want the best game there is and paying what it is WORTH, not what the market would pay. I for one would be willing to sell my body if it meant getting this, even if I was the only one who ever saw it.

I am already building the team to put it together, I just need to be able to pay them for their time. If enough people get behind this idea, it wouldn't be a pipe dream,the more people , the cheaper it becomes.
It would be excellent have some more full length stages (Sweet Lamb is the whole thing isn't it?) but can the RBR engine handle it? For me at least, a number of the BTB stages don't run that well. Whether this is because they're not in 'native' format or not I'm not sure. Do you have access to the original stage creation program 'Kangaroo'?

Mark A Warmington

The idea is great, the logistics and implementation seem to be where it would be challenging. Would I pay? Depends on what the end result would be and what the price would be. I have paid to enter endurance events in rFactor, I pay to race in iRacing. The reason I pay is because I know what I am getting for my money (I can sample the product as soon as it is announced). Paying to develop the product... That's a different question (one I don't have an answer for yet).

To enter an endurance event I would need to know if I would be working the weekend or not - so having the schedule weeks/months in advance is a pre-requisite. Then I guess you are going to have to consider how many people would enter the event: large fields, great; small fields, hmmm..

I for one love the idea and can already imagine devoting the day to finishing a rally in its entirety. I just think there is still a lot of thought that would need to be applied before you would get enough people to say 'yes - I'll contribute financially'.

I'll keep watching this post.

John Low

Great idea. Personally, and this is just me. I would have trouble committing to a whole weekend, or even most of one for a rally. Weekend work commitments every second weekend, poker friday night and sunday afternoon, generally leaves me some saturdays and sunday mornings free. However, the wife for some reason likes me to spend some time with her. :)

I would love to be able to do a full season of rallies at full distance, but for me, I would have to be able to split it up and do it bits here and there. Would probably take me a week to finish a rally. Obviously not an ideal situation but I need to balance everything. I'd be right in it if it could work that way.

Another 12 hour day and I'm stuffed, thank goodness i get a sleep in tomorrow.

Oh, 1st sim was REVS for the commodore 64, just loved that game.

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