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Raven 2 v1.0.1.0

I'll be honest, I was planning on releasing this next year, but considering how buttoned up it now is I figured it would make a good Christmas gift.

Updates to this little program include:
-x86 support for those of us that do not run x64 systems (that was a my bad really)
-Now able to enable/disable the in-game menu.
-Added a small help menu (includes a dev log for those that like to read)
-Added support for *.exe files being run through the Options button (previous version only supported *.jar and *.bat)
-Qlog viewer now seperates INFO, WARN, and FATAL tags, simply click the button for what you want to view. (originally I wanted colored text, but that proved to be crashy on bigger Qlog files)
-Added the ability to name a folder misc_variants instead of just other_variants.
-And to me the biggest win, Added support to run Raven 2 outside of the Racer folder, now it can be put where ever you like.

In the help menu and readme you'll find how to use this program. If you are unsure of how this program works.

Now let me show off my desktop... I mean the program lol.



Download here
Taken from the Help menu inside of Raven 2.0 (the readme reads similarly).
To add a picture to your options create a 1.33 aspect ratio picture (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, etc). Then save this image as either preview.bmp or preview.jpg and then you'll drop this file into the variant folder you want to appear for.