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rattling g27

Radu Oros

Jul 25, 2014
This happens more with some cars than others, from what I remember, is the camaro ss at low speeds turning, mainly in the pits area. I think the karts too, but also other places of the track. The ffb is somehow very raw at lower speeds and when trying to turn more than 45º to one side.
Is there any smoothing/filter slider or command that I could edit, or something to not make the motors rattle so much in certain situations. Is like the ffb rate doesn't update fast enough, so feels like the gear cogs fall into each other from a distance, and not smoothly. Ty.
Using low effects and force -100 to -70. Also no spring or centering spring effect in logitech profiler.


Apr 10, 2013
Turn the in game FFB from Max to High.
Removes the engine (and possibly road) FFB and no more rattling on the g27 for me.


Oct 16, 2013
I've read a wide range of recommendations, from High (per psuspense above), Medium, and now to Low. Currently using Medium and different cars/tracks do give different results.

Bjarne Hansen

Jan 7, 2015
Low: steering force (steering+grip)
Medium: steering force+ damper+ friction+ strips rumble
High: steering force+ damper+ friction+ strips rumble+ brakes vibration
Full: steering force+ damper+ friction+ strips rumble+ brakes vibration+ throttle vibration+ steering vibration.

There isn't any right or wrong settings just what feels right for you!
You could say Low is the right setting since those forces are the only ones you should feel on the wheel but the other effects might help you with immersion?

I drive mostly with the effects on Low.
Had a lot of fun yesterday evening trying out the new Super Carts. While High might be the right feel for a kart I got tried of the rattling real fast and settled for Medium.