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NH4 is the best in this particular category since the legendary Nascar Racing 2003 but I can't give the game a high score because ForceFeedback has evolved so little. Compared to modern games the graphic part and all other parts are not top.


Game gets better each year, but the Unity engine seems to really hold this one back.

The Challenges are always great fun, and the Career Mode continues to improve.

This is the first year I don't find the game to be a complete disappointment, so I gave it an 8.

NASCAR Heat 2 and NASCAR Heat 3 did not do nearly enough to improve upon the previous year's products to justify that high of a review.

They've got to work on a shared memory implementation so things like SimHub, Accuforce, etc. can work natively. The FFB on a direct drive wheel is rather bland because there is no interaction between the wheel and the sim. The fact that Forza now has support for this makes it pretty inexcusable for any major title to be considered "sim racing" without this.

Perhaps they want to continue to hide the fact that there is actually no suspension modeling in the physics? :whistling:

Another "must have" for me to consider buying next year is proper triple screen support and adjustable Field of View.

The only decent way to play is roof riding because the cockpit camera is SO far away from what a proper Field of View is unless you're playing this from your couch on a console.


I'd like to get a decent, although not a perfect sim, Nascar game. NH seemed the way to go. I've tested NH2 and it was really bad.

It seems NH4 has made a huge step after NH3, but after having seen Billy Strange's review, I have the feeling that the steering wheel support is really bad (not the ffb, just the steering wheel response). Did the developper patch that? Is it ok right now?
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