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Rate The Sims: Community Edition | NASCAR Heat 4

We are looking to crown the 'RaceDepartment Community Favourite' racing game - get your votes in now for our next game on the list... NASCAR Heat 4!

Our dear RaceDepartment community. You folks are the most mighty fans of sim racing, often displaying an immense amount of understanding and depth of knowledge when it comes to our favourite hobby.

With sim racing and eSports in such a wonderful boom period of late. Gamers looking to have some fun with their virtual racing machines have never before had such a wide and robust variety of software to enjoy.

Now occasionally I've been in a position to rate new racing titles that have come my way, and almost every time I've received a wide variety of folks agreeing, or strongly disagreeing with my own opinions.

Opinions are great, but sometimes the opinion of one person, with their own likes and dislikes taken into account, can often give a bit of a skewed picture (intentional or not) to the greater cause in which said person is trying to explain.

As such, rather than doing one myself, and in the spirit of engaging some interesting community discussion, I thought it could be fun to let our own community rate each of the key sim racing / racing games available today.

As always with these things, please do try and respect each other and their opinions, and let's try to see if we can give a fun, but fair shake of the stick to each of the games included in this poll.

For transparency, I'm going to be featuring the following racing games over the next weeks:

I'm going to launch the article each Monday evening, and keep the poll running for a full week until the next new article is pushed live. So get your votes in quick!

Once I've completed the full list of games, I'll publish a final results feature, and we can award the winning developer the lofty title of 'RaceDepartment Community Favourite'!

Have fun, stay sensible and let the voting commence!

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never owned any of the nascar games after nascar 4 which was 10+++ but - i understand - bears no relation to this title at all. no vote from me.
I was hoping for a big Black Friday discount on Steam for that sim... No dice. Maybe after Christmas? I’m not that cheap, but what I have seen and read about this franchise makes very hesitant to buy. A shame, I think NASCAR is a lot more fun to simrace than to watch, and I wish there was a decent simulator out there.


I was hoping for a big Black Friday discount on Steam for that sim... No dice. Maybe after Christmas? I’m not that cheap, but what I have seen and read about this franchise makes very hesitant to buy. A shame, I think NASCAR is a lot more fun to simrace than to watch, and I wish there was a decent simulator out there.
It's not a simulator and they don't do big discounts, they simply lower the price over time.

Cote Dazur

I have to admit, full disclosure, :D, that I have zero interest in any form of Nascar.
Apparently, by looking at the Steam Charts, the interest in this title is very low for a lot of people.
To add salt on the wound, no VR, so very low score from me.


IMHO, NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona have the best career mode ever made for a simulator/simcade, period. NH4 evolved it in some ways, but...

The issue I have with NH4 is that I fell the game as a downgrade from DtD in many aspects and that Monster didn't evolved some aspects over the last 17 years.

For start... DtD is one of the few sims that I can play long length races without get bored. It was amazing how Monster Games could use a PS2/GC to deliver such good AI. None of the modern sims had a race-pace that get even close to DtD. It fells like each AI driver had it's own racing strategy and races fell very organic... that feeling that anything can happen, but in a realistic way. In NH4 it's not bad... but don't resemble the older game in any way, so the races are boring when in their full length, but are nice for 25% or less.

Other thing is that the gameplay is not bad with gamepad, but very primitive with a steering wheel. DtD was not a proper simulator, but for console gaming at the time it was quite realistic... NH4 is a simcade with more arcade than sim... no problem with that, because it's good at it... but... . . .

And, finally, the career mode... it's the best, period! But it's not very evolved from DtD. There are some little improvements, but still assembled over a 17 years old formula.

Gave it a 7/10 because it's the best career mode on a racing game and the gameplay is ok... but, if you can choose between NH4 and the good'ol Dirt to Daytona, and you don't care for old 480i/30fps (with a lot of slowdowns), go with the classic game.
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I don't know why you vote a low score just because there is no VR and you don't have the game. That's not the intent of the poll.
8 for me.
It is very good in my opinion, just wish there was a PC online community.


Which camera view did you end up using?
I race PC cockpit view with a steering wheel. When I was working my way through the challenges, I did find that if I raced the hood view I was finally able to beat some of the more difficult ones.

Ruy Horta

NHE (refund + buy again), NH2, NH3 and NH4 (refund).
iirc I had more refunds and buy agains, but not sure if 2 & 3 or just one of them).

I don‘t like the game and the lack of significant core improvements, but cannot say I didn’t try to like it - you could even say I tried too hard or was stupid enough to repeat the same mistake.

They seem to have hit a sweet spot with NH4 as it is enjoying positive feedback from the core player base and even attracting new ones. When I tried I really could not see why people were so positive - NH4 imo not being significantly different compared to NH3 and much of the game still feeling as clunky as ever.

I will not buy any future development from this game series, it would require a completely new foundation to draw me in again.

4/10 - had some entertainment out of the series, about 1:1 with frustrating moments.
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Not going to vote a score for this one. Just tried it a while on xbox and was rather fun. I found it to be a bit "choppy" for the graphics it had and went directly to settings and found I had it at a "prefer smoothness preset" LMAO, no idea what the "graphics preference is like". My kids got hold of the controller and started wrecking all the cars and enjoyed themselves quite a bit :) So I can say it's at least rather fun.
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