F1 2019 Ranked Races

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)
Why I can't play the ranked races? It's searching the room pretty quickly and then it's says "joning the room" and it's stays there forever...why is liked that? The mods ( have only custom helmets ) it's out of case because even without them it's stays in the same moment forever..
Just wait. After this finally will be message about unavailable session, then try again and join to session.
Well..i done that and still nothing..it's still saying joing room for something bout 10 min and then unavailable session i've tried to join the room 10 ten today..
I have this too on PC. I need to cancel out of joining session and try again for about 2/3 times everytime I want to join a ranked game. A little annoying but eventually it usually works.