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Random weather in Evo

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by João Andias, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. João Andias

    João Andias

    I searched for this one in the forum, but couldn’t find it, if it is somehow answered somewhere, please could you point me to it? If not, here it is…

    All I’ve had is full dry races or full wet races, or whatever the weather is on the start of the practice/race.

    For instances, we did a 90 mins race that started with “rain” and “damp” track… it rained through the full 90 mins (no weather change), and the track kept damp !! (It was at the Nord, so that definitely shouldn’t happen…)

    In my experience, we have had for instance; hot practice followed by hot qualifying with “dry” preview for next day… only to find cold and rain with a damp track at the race.

    So it seems the only “random” element present is from practice to qualify and so on, no weather change in race (for instance)… and in truce it all looks a bit too random for my liking (hot 34 c followed by cold and rain for instances, no point on having warm-ups then).

    In GTR2, there was a very nice program that did the job… is there such a program for GTRevo ?

    Can it be fixed ? (next patch… who knows…) of course, if there is a “problem” atoll, maybe it is my (wrong) perception.

    BTW, I’m talking about this patch… not the 1st one, has in that one I remember weather changes within a race or practice…

    Thanks in advance
  2. James Yates

    James Yates

    Just a correction, i presume you mean damp instead of dump :p

    It seems like a weird problem, but i can see your point as with GTR2 the track used to dry out in different places more than others.
  3. Martijn van Bommel

    Martijn van Bommel

    hi Tanaka, i know what you mean and yes you're right,forcast says sunny and dry but when the race starts its raining or damp.
    I guess the wheatherpeople are just as in real live:...they dont know.lol.
    I did experiance a dry line though,or drying up.At Brno and at the Nordschleife.A normal circuit as Brno will dry up more qickly than the Nordschleife,more cars will drive more laps on the same "line".
    At the Nordschleife most drivers are gone after 50% of lap 1, so i will take longer to dry,and with the trees real nearby it will also take longer to dry up.
    Hope to see you soon again on the Nordschleife Tanaka.
  4. João Andias

    João Andias

    After reading my post, I see that 10 years without going to GB have taken its tool and now I'm typing a sort of, how shall I call it... broken English?! No doubt it can be hard to interpret, sorry for that and don't wary; it’s nothing a trip to the I. Man TT won’t cure :D

    Through other sources, I've been told there are very few administrative tools for GTR EVO, in likes of "GTR2 - N.A.W" for instances, so for now, no luck regarding an improvement on the weather front for Evo ;)

    Hehe, yes, I will be there, I will.. I'm one of those that without it, would had never bought Evo. Now, do another expansion with the old SPA (the 60’s version will do), I will fork a few more euros for it.
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