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Ondrej Kapal

I am looking for some rallye games except RBR, which need more time for practice which I haven't. But I am not looking for totally arcade. I tried Colin McRae Dirt (1&2) where 1st are weird stuff (weird eyehurts graphic and physic) and 2nd has low rate of classic rallye races... and as long as I am big fan of rallye I want to enjoy some rallye racing but I don't know which game? Maybe some kind of Colin McRae Rally.... don't know
so, if somebody knows about something please report :)
thank you!

Gary Gray

The only too Rally games in my opinion are RBR and RC2000 (old but still one of the best) everything else is to arcade like for me. Hopefully RF2 will have the ability to have proper rally physics but we'll just have to wait and see.

Ondrej Kapal

@Dave: Yea I will take a look

@Bram: How many rallye races are included in Dirt 2? I wasn't patient because it was always Croatia rallye and then reverse and then again and again, after that it was China but the same - reverse, again normal, reverse etc. it was no fun for me so I stopped playing it

@Gary: RBR is fine but too hard and I need something where I don't have to destroy my PC because of angry :D

Warren Dawes

I am a great Rally fan, and have played many of the best known Rally Sims over the past 10 years. My take on them:
1. RBR - The best by far, very realistic, still good graphics even today, and you can join RD Rally events curently organised. Yes it is the most difficult to learn, but once you get used to it, it is very enjoyable.
2. RC2000 - Previouisly mentioned. Was very good in it's day, not arcade, easier to drive than RBR but simulated real Rally's well. Unfortunately, I think it has problems running on modern PC's.
3. Dirt 1 & 2 - I don't have them but tried demos. Dirt 1 was poor and very arcade. Dirt 2, I believe is a little less arcade but doesn't really simulate true Rally's.
4. CMR 2 - Getting quite old now, but was a fairly good simulation, best of the CMR series regarding driving feel. Probably worth trying but may be difficult to find these days.
5. CMR 3 - Was very poor.
6. CMR 4 and CMR 05 - Both were fairly arcade but fun to play with.
7. Rally Trophy - Have only played the demo, but it was quite good. I believe it also may have problems with newer PC's.
8. All the others are total arcade.

So, overall, to meet your aim of a good Rally Sim that is not too arcade, my recommendation would be CMR 2 if you can find it, the graphics won't be to a high standard but the driving model is ok. Maybe have a look at CMR 4 or CMR 05.

However, right now, for a true Rally Simulation, RBR is the clear leader and really worth the time to get used to it.

Ondrej Kapal

Thanks Warren,
I remember CMR 2 when I was a child... my first 3D race simulation and I was playing it for a long time until I found RC2000 which I played with my friend too for a long time (split screen, one keyboard, a lot of fun! and as we didn't speak english we had always completed only first 3-4 rallyes :D we didn't know how to repair our cars...) so, what's the point, I can't get back to these games.. I have a lot of child memories and I want to keep them that :)
About RBR, I am still trying get into it but it needs more time, I am still a piece of crack and even I am not completed with driving school there (the last timing stage)... But I had a look on RBR Club here and as you have problems with players as I read maybe I won't give up and I will try to practice more

ps.: looking for CMR05 now :)
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