Rally Trophy LAN-game problems


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Jan 28, 2019
I have been struggling with Rally Trophy LAN-game hours and hours with no luck. I have four WinXP SP4 Thinkpads and original game CD.

At first I got only a crash when tried to make a LAN-game. Then I found away to get it work: if I disable network adapter from network connections and then enable it and quickly make a LAN-game while it's still enabling and getting ip-address, it works and don't crash. Timing has to be very exact. Worked few times and got in-game too.

But suddenly now I don't see a game at all. Local search don't find anything.

Tried different versions, different cracks, without windows firewall...

This really sucks.
Apr 12, 2020
I am new to racedepartment and i Just read your question. I had the same problems long long time ago and it took me years to find the solution. I had a little LAN at home and everytime we tried to play rally trophy at 3 players or more it was not possible. Same issues like you.
In fact the solution was to have different versions of the game installed on each pc.
I had XP SP2 i think or maybe XP SP3 but not XP SP4, i had configure manual ip adress for each pc, i am not sure but i think i desactivated firewall and antivirus.
So after i installed one french version on one pc, one german on another, 2 english versions on 2 another i finally made it works with 4 players LAN.
I even remind that i made it worked with 5 players in LAN so logically one version allow to make it work for 2 more players.
I hope it will work for you.
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