Rally - The Ashes - Mon 28th & Tues 29th June 2010

Warren Dawes

RD Rally – The Ashes


All gravel Stages across Australia and England – S2000 AWD cars – Peugeot 207; Fiat Grande Punto; VW Polo; Ford Fiesta; Skoda Fabia; Lada 112VK

Sessions: RD Ashes EU / RD Ashes OCX / RD Ashes US / RD Ashes OC

NOTE: We may include additional time zone Rallys if requested.

Car Pack: N4_S2000_1 (Except Ford Fiesta 2010) ( Must select Car choice on sign-up) **

Damage: Reduced

Stage 01: Australia - East West (Normal, Good, Day)
Stage 02: Australia - Mineshaft II (Normal, Good, Day)
Stage 03: Australia - Greenhills II (Normal, Cloudy, Day)
Stage 04: Australia - New Bobs II (Normal, Light Fog, Day)
Stage 05: England - Shepherds Shield (Normal, Med Fog, Day)
Stage 06: England - Harwood Forest II (Normal, Cloudy, Day)
Stage 07: England - Chirdonhead II (Normal, Covered Damp, Day)
Stage 08: England - Falstone II (Normal, Bad, Day)

Europe Start: 19:00 GMT Monday *
US Start: 02:00 GMT Tuesday ( 10:00pm EDST (USA) Monday )*
Oceania Start: 10:30 GMT Tuesday *
OCX Start: 23.00 GMT Monday (Aus EST 9.00AM Tuesday)

NOTE: The Europe Rally will start 19.00 GMT to allow for daylight savings times. The Oceania Rally will start 8.30PM AEST.

Additional timezone Rallys may be created on request.

1. To help ensure a more mixed car selection, please select a car from the available list in the Sign-Up post (below). Initially only three of each car will be available, so first in best dressed. All cars are closely matched in performance.
The Ford Fiesta 2010 has been excluded due to it being uncompetitive to the others.

2. We may use these cars for the following Rally, so expect to have to choose a different car for that one.

* EU, OC, and US events will only be created on request - so please mention which zone you're signing up for. All sessions will be combined together for an overall result for the event. You can only run on one session.

  • Click here to read the password!
  • You will require the RSRBR 2010 (updates 03 and 04) mod in order to participate, please see the
    and usage threads.
  • You will also require the Car Pack for N4_S2000_1 .
  • Teamspeak is highly recommended, and adds to the fun.
  • Choose a car from N4_S2000_1 Pack from the available list on sign-up.
  • Please sign up in the following format: RD Name (RSRBR2010 Name)
  • Take a screenie of RSCenter, or save your times, showing your final results at the end of the rally (including the car you drove!). This is in case any of your stages are missed by the server. If there's a discrepancy, please post your times ASAP so we're not adjusting times over 24 hours later.
  • You must stick with the same car throughout the rally - if you change, your times for those stages will be defaulted.
  • If you are new to Richard Burns Rally, we have provided a set of guidelines to help you get up and running: Here and Here

Warren Dawes

Drivers: Please select your car choice from the list available.

1. Peugeot 207 S2000 - Tomas Reinicke (ctbr) - Europe
2. Peugeot 207 S2000 - Damien Jones (DJones) - Oceania
3. Peugeot 207 S2000 - Łukasz Demolin (Maggot666PL) - Oceania
4. Fiat Grande Punto S2000 - Eckhart von Glan (Eckhart v Glan) - Europe
5. Fiat Grande Punto S2000 - Ludovic Cogotti (Solcius) - Europe
6. Fiat Grande Punto S2000 - Driver
7. VW Polo S2000 - Cam Wedgwood (Wedge) - Oceania
8. VW Polo S2000 - Warren Dawes (WAD53) - Oceania
9. VW Polo S2000 - Driver
10. Ford Fiesta S2000 - Krister Larsson (Krister Larsson) - Europe
11. Ford Fiesta S2000 - Driver
12. Ford Fiesta S2000 - Driver
13. Skoda Fabia S2000 Evo1 - RobbKulcsar (r27kul) - Europe
14. Skoda Fabia S2000 Evo1 - Ramon van Rijn (Wizard of oz) - Europe
15. Skoda Fabia S2000 Evo1 - Senad Subasic (mfodor) - Europe
16. Lada 112 VK S2000 - Glenn Morris (mozza) - Oceania
17. Lada 112 VK S2000 Rick Bamford (Lucifer) - OCX
18. Lada 112 VK S2000 – Driver

Warren Dawes

Our next Rally is open for sign-up.

This time we step back a little in power and size to the S2000 class cars. Don’t be fooled though, these cars are little pocket rockets, AWD, and very nimble. These cars may well represent the future of the WRC. For our newer drivers, these cars are also very nice and stable to drive, but will reward a more aggressive driving style.
Our Stages will suit the Gravel jockeys this time, and are restricted to Australia and England, hence the Ashes theme, but as expected, the weather is better in Australia.
In addition, you must select your car from the available list in the sign-up, so early sign-ups get a bigger choice of cars. Don't worry, all cars are closely matched in performance, but may have slightly different handling characteristics. The Stages are varied to help even out any handling variations too.

PLEASE NOTE: We have eliminated the Ford Fiesta 2010; my testing of all cars has revealed that the 2010 car is uncompetitive with the others (slower), this being opposite to the real life Ford Fiesta 2010 car too.

Good luck all, and hope we see a good roll up. :rally:

Credit for the great Event banners goes to Damien, thanks mate

A little video to help you see the car choices.

Hey Warren, unfortunately we are back to a night i am on shift. Can I request Tuesday or Wednesday morning Aust time about 8:30am? If you can swing it...............

Rick Bamford (Lucifer)
Fiesta - I'll drive the only Oz developed s2000 we got;)
Hi Warren, had to go online before work this morning and what a nice surprise to find this video at our forum. Sign me up with the Fiat, please.

Eckhart von Glan
(Eckhart v Glan)
Fiat Punto
You guys are in a bit of strife now! There's gonna be some hot Russian lovin' going on!

(Note - That ain't sideways. This Lada ain't gonna know what's hit it... Apart from the first tree)

Glenn Morris (mozza)


Edit - That means I'll take the Russian beauty, thanks Warren.

Warren Dawes

Let's set one up for Tuesday morning (Aus Time) then.
Rick, I've included an additional Rally "RD Ashes OCX" starting Tuesday 9.00 AM Aussie time for you. I decided to go a little later than 8.30AM since we had problems at that time previously with the Rallyesim Server. I suspect that they do backups around midnight CET.

EDIT: I reckon we should make you drive the Ford Fiesta 2010, just to give us all a better chance. :tongue:

Warren Dawes

You guys are in a bit of strife now! There's gonna be some hot Russian lovin' going on! ......................................
Edit - That means I'll take the Russian beauty, thanks Warren.
You are sooo predictable, comrade Mozza. :D

Bet I know what Damien will choose too. :wink:

Ramon van Rijn

RaceDepartment Co-Founder
Excellent dedication you put in this events Warren. And not to forget the other helpful RBR minded staff.

Count on me to drive :) Signup will follow shortly.

John Low

Warren, sign me up please.

John Low - elmomarty - ford fiesta

that's of course assuming I can even find the car pack, so far it's not in my list
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