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Rally de Catalunya - Coll de la Teixeta (Shakedown 2021)

Tracks Rally de Catalunya - Coll de la Teixeta (Shakedown 2021) 1.1

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EttieApple submitted a new resource:

Rally de Catalunya - Coll de la Texeita - Famous WRC stage in Spain




A stage from the RallyRACC Catalunya - Costa Daurada. 4.4km, 35 corners

This particular section has been used 10 times in the last 13 years. Most of the times as part of the Riudecanyes stage (with a donut around the roundabout), but in 2011 as...

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Really nice track mate, thx for sharing this amazin work. The highway is kinda bumpy and the little road on the mountain is really fun^^


Yeah, actually... AC doesn't like capitals in its folder or file names. It's not just Leonardo being pedantic. :D

IMO best practice is to stick to Kunos conventions and do lowercase with underscores for spaces.
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it could lead to Online issues, server not working properly.
there are around 1000 of tracks made by the community and guess what.. all lowercase.
of course it looks more pretty like you did ;)


Finally had a chance to give this one a go this morning... Great effort! I'm no trackmaker but it feels like it could be optimized a bit better, FPS is a little below what I typically average, but that's not a major complaint. (I'm still getting 80ish vs. 100 most places.)

From my perspective there can never be enough tracks built on real-world roads, rally or otherwise, so thanks for adding another good one to the list. :)
Thanks! Vertex count is very high indeed, I am not sure it is possible to significantly reduce it further. The problem is that you can see the end of the stage from the starting point. All the small objects, guardrails and cliffs have LODS, which definitely helps
hi! really nice track, I like it, but I have a problem, my times, is not shown in the results... does anyone has this problem?
I know of 2 problems with the timing, which I cannot fix unfortunately. 1 Content manager has a problem where the results are often not stored. 2 when you cross the finish line again after finishing (so reversing after you finished and then cross the line again) Assetto Corsa sees that as a lap time of 0,004 seconds, which is then stored as fastest lap.

If you're driving the "Rotunda" layout, make sure you're driving the roundabout for a full rotation.
The lap is also stored when you skip the roundabout and go straight to the finish for me
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Well I tried, but as far as I know and tried, the gates don't do anything on A-B tracks. Please correct me if I am wrong!


I did some testing and they do absolutely nothing :D
I know Trento has one sector timing gate, but it doesn't even register any time. On a quick test strip, avoiding the timing gate doesn't invalidate a lap and at the finish line the time is set regardless of hitting that gate or not. Weird :)
Spend the rainy start of this year building the full length of this stage. 16km of joy :) There is a start of the terrain but nothing too fancy yet. I skipped the road that is already released here in the video, but this is simply a continuation of the previous work.

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