Rally Club - the next few weeks

Warren Dawes

As advised in the last event thread, I have opened a discussion here to cover our activities for the next few weeks.
I will be away on holidays for the next 4 to 6 weeks, and my Forum and RBR Server access will be restricted.

Cam has come to the rescue and promised to organise the next Rally for 28th / 29th April. I will be away and will miss it, but I hope that more drivers will come out and support Cam for this one. It is very demoralising to put in the excessive hours needed for these Events and see only 4 drivers joining.

If we want to keep this Rally Club alive, we need some regular support by having a reasonable sign-up and attendance. We already cover three timezones and try to be flexible regarding start times / days, not sure what else we can do to help.

If you have suggestions that might increase our driver numbers, please let Cam or myself know. We would also welcome suggestions for future Rally's.

NOTE: We have noticed that there is a planned Update to RSRBR2010 due very soon, it may happen before the next Rally, so please keep an eye on the Forum for any advice. It will most likely be needed for the next Rally.
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