Rain audio

Terry Rock

Anybody else have rain audio disappearing at certain sections of the circuit?
I'll start out with heavy rain and at certain times throughout the lap, the sound of rain falling on the roof of the car will disappear....even without going under an overhang...then come back at other sections.
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Yes I have the same as you describe. Nothing you or I can do about it i believe. Will have to wait till it is fixed.
This is a bug in the soundbank file which has been implemented through CSP earlier. I wonder if it is possible to remove that specific sound in general but haven´t found any clue in content manager so far. Does anybody know how to shut this off?

Terry Rock

I'd be okay with the lower volume of the two, as it is still a very realistic sound.
The ramping up and down of the audio can be a bit distracting.
Overall, it does serve its purpose and adds quite a bit to wet laps, so thanks for doing it.
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