Radical SR4 252 @ Brands Hatch 07 - Thursday-April 1st, 2010

Eric Nelson



Class: Radical SR4 252

Track: Brands Hatch 07

Weather: Dry

Start Time: 21:45 EDST / 18:45 WDST / 02:45 GMT (Friday)

Practice: open server
Qualification: 15mins (9:45 EDST)
Warmup: 10mins
Race: 2x18 laps

Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!


Eric Nelson

Entry List:

  1. Eric estes
  2. Caramidaru Andei Bogdan
  3. William Nowell
  4. Bill Kaiser
  5. Willie Watt
  6. Driver
  7. Driver
  8. Driver
  9. Driver
  10. Driver
  11. Driver
  12. Driver
  13. Yves Larose (maybe)
  14. JArrod Keen ( Maybe)
  15. Glenn Peterson (maybe)
Eric, your slacking. :tongue: You got your classes twisted. The title says Radicals while the description says Formula Masters.
Eric E twisted my arm, so I will give Thursdays another try. I have not yet tried the radicals so this should be pretty interesting. Sign me up.

Eric Nelson

They are pretty easy to drive. Just plug in the tracks default dry setup and you'll be surprised how nicely it goes. Don;t for get to add a bit if coast and reduce lock til you get comfortable

Eric Estes

It doesn't seem to take a whole lot. The cars are pretty forgiving. Not that I'm running a blistering pace mind you (1:27's chasing 1:21 ghosts), but right now I'm in 'Car Lowering' mode - how low can I go without scraping. hehe Turn 1 and Turn 4 are my worst spots for losing time.

Tonight I think I'm going to put a car in the paint shop for next monday...

Bill Kaiser

OK, I'm game - sign me up. @William, I love the FM and Laguna Seca but I was trying to prepare (in vain I might add) for the ATCC Cadwell race.
Looks like it will be a decent turn out for tonight. I tried the car last night and it was not bad at all. I think that if I can be consistent, I may be able to give you guys a good fight. We shall see.

Yves Larose

thanks Eric for setting the event and thanks to RD for the hardware.

Qualy: took pole with a PB of 1:22:8xx or maybe a bit lower i don't really remember

Race 1: good a great start and was P1 at T1 and i never look back and took the win.

Race 2: had another great start and was easely second at T1, took first place during the first lap and i never looked back after that and took the win again.

Eric Estes

Fantastic Cars, great track as always. That was the good news.

Race 1: Qual 5 of 7, a little slower than what I practiced at. Double shifted at the start, didn't cause an incident but ended up tail on the field. I hadn't tried full fuel runs during practice, which was a mistake, the car didn't seem to have decent balance until lap 8 or 9. I passed William when he had some trouble in turn 4, then he passed me back a few laps later when I had issues in 6, I believe. A couple of laps from the end I flew by when he had trouble out of 5, and he chased me down steadily, only not passing me at the checkers because he thought there was one more lap. Finished 5th.

Race 2: Started 2nd. Was 6th and last by lap 2 or 3, made it home.

Ranking Points Earned: 1 :cool:

Thanks to RD & Eric - Looking forward to running these quick little things again.
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