Dear SimRacers,

Today the Roaldo Racing team decided that we should not only be a simracing team. We see all the potential benefits of simracing and what we can do with that. During our daily evening-chat on MSN about everything and nothing, a serious topic arose. One of our members, who stays anomynous, wants to help a friend who is an alcoholic. The friend is an ex-simracer and would have driven in the Roaldo Racing team before he went to rehab, but there are no supplies to do his hobby in the rehab center. That is why the Roaldo Racing team discussed and decided to launch a new project called 'Racing4Rehab'.

We will gather money from our drivers and management, which the Roaldo driver in question will spent for the rehab center and get the appropriate supplies. The benefits for this that in rehab the 'driver' will get used to driver under normal non-drunk conditions and next to that it gives the Roaldo Racing team a chance to test new talent and be socially responsible.

In the end, our goal is to help those in rehab centers through a passionate hobby like SimRacing.
I am very glad to be able to help our dear friend. R4R is a completely new concept in simracing, and I hope it will stay alive for as long as possible.
In my opinion this is a very good move from RR. It connects the bad sides of reallife with the SimRacing and we are doing something for people who needs a lot of help. Im glad to give money for people in need.
Good to see that our chats about everything and nothing turns up some things!
Racing 4 charity has always been a returning theme for FSR and by that it's better than F1 where teams never seems to do anything like this.
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