Racing drivers say the darndest things!

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    We have to remember, drivers will always say what they want to.

    Here are a number of them:

    David Coulthard

    "...I'm going to kick three colours of **** out of the little bastard." - Referring to Felipe Massa when he crashed into him in Australia 2008.

    "...I've just been imagining nipples..." - talking about the speed limiter on his steering wheel.

    Mark Webber

    "...Felipe ****ed...Oh...sorry!" - when he sees the camera and waves at it after swearing in 2009

    "Not bad for a number two driver." - after his win in Silverstone 2010

    Kimi Raikkonen

    "I was having a ****." - when asked by Martin Brundle about the presentation by footballer Pelé.

    Raikkonen interview

    Q: The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you?

    Kimi: It protects my head.

    Q: Do you have any special rituals when the helmet is concerned?

    Kimi: I wipe it so that I can see better.

    Q: Lewis has said that his first victory felt better than sex..

    Kimi: Maybe he isn't good at it.

    Interviewer: The most exciting moment during the race weekend?

    Kimi: The race start.

    Interviewer: The most boring?

    Kimi: Now.

    Lewis Hamilton

    "Maybe it's 'cos I'm black. That's what Ali G says." - when asked about why the stewards are after him

    Post more stuff that drivers say that are funny and even stupid at times.
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    Kimi ! XD
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    The best Kimi quote: