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Aug 2, 2010
Hello guys & girls.

I've not been very active on Racedepartment events recently due to late finishes at work or early starts the following morning of a race.

I was sat thinking at work today with Tuesday being my day off, how about we have a track day Tuesday seeing as there is never an event on Tuesday.

The track can vary every week possibly a mod track and maybe have set cars or an open choice of cars like @Matheus Machado has done for his Monza event. The idea of a track day is obviously to have fun, talk and hang out and there is no real winner at these events.

One idea I have is various Lotus road/race cars at Brands Hatch.

I ran a server recently on Tourist and I had slow race cars e.g. DTM, Abarth Assetto Corse and various supercars and road cars and the times were fairly close.

So, after that long post how about it? @Tobias Röhner @Matheus Machado


Matheus Machado

Talking Door Racing
Dec 7, 2014
Sorry for the late reply first of all:D

We don't run events on Tuesdays currently because it would overlap with other clubs, like rF2, R3E and PC, running 5 events at the same day would hurt every club in numbers and it is something we don't want. But I know it is something not ideal for people like you who can only race at specific days of the week. Maybe in the future we can organize a club rotation, alternating games on days of the week to make racing possible in those situations. It isn't something that can change from night to day, as it requires prior planning and scheduling from all club organizers.

Also, we run a public server with the exact purpose you mentioned, fun track days with short races. At the moment we are running DP3 at Brands with a short race if everyone wants to.
And club events should share the same idea, it is not about winning (we have leagues for that)
but having fun and improving overall with no need to win. Of course there is competition, but if we take it the same way we do with leagues, the friendly environment will just go away.

I really like the idea of track days on clubs, it was something I was thinking on too and I will do them on a monthly basis for the EU club.

See you on track!
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Aug 2, 2010
Ah, that explains the lack of events on Tuesdays, alright.

Thank you for the reply :)