Racing Assetto Corsa with a gamepad/controller

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
There have been a few guys around of late asking for information about how the game plays with a gamepad. I have used it with a gamepad while testing apps etc and find it acceptable but it's not my main way to play and I have little ecperience of other games to compare it with.

Can any guys who are using a gamepad as their main controller or using one regularly in this and/or other games give us their views on how AC compares. Are there enough options to tweak the steering to your liking? and do you have any tips to achieving that perfect gamepad setup?

(I know many people here will have standard adivce of get a wheel. Please don't post that, we all know it provides the best experience but it's just not always an option for some people.)

Aidan Keranen

League of Legends Play by Play Caster
Dec 3, 2010
Use a Xbox gamepad 100% of the time.
At first it was tricky, but i think i moved the sensitivity way higher (close to 100%) and developed a style to be able to put in laps.
In fairness, I see no reason why I am disadvantaged, I get precise steering and throttle, but as I found tonight in a one hour race, your fingers get wrecked afterwards.
Will I get a wheel/pedals? yes. Are they 100% necessary, no.

William Wester

May 28, 2013
Its been awhile since I tinkered with racing with a Xbox 360 gamepad in AC but from what I remember AC offered the most control of any racing game I have ever played. I felt very much in control, able to make small and smooth inputs. Normally for me, gamepad use produces a more jerky and less predicable control.
With that said, even though I have enjoyed many PC and console racers over the years (mostly with a wheel lately) I'm not a normal gamer, someone who games daily for hours at a time - back in the day maybe :D. What I have noticed is settings that work for one may not work for another, I tried a lot of suggestions. I was able to enjoy AC with a gamepad.

Steve Lorenz

Jul 6, 2014
Driving with xbox pad since rF1 and GTR2 came out.

Assetto Corsa offers only a good support.
Steering and Throttle are fairly fine, if you have a good finger control.
That means, dont move the finger choppy, like staccato - but 90% of the gamepad drivers do it...

Braking Support is not good. You cant set brake pressure, brake duct and these things in the setup.
Also braking only with 50% brake pressure results into lock-up on the straight, which is completly wrong in this game^^
GTR2 and rF have/had the best support.
More tweaks, more setup options for controller, more setup possibilites for the car - just everything better.

You can be very fast, but wont reach toptimes of Hany, Anssi, Niki D, etc etc.
Thats why i will buy TS500 next year.