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Racetube videos in relevant game forum

Mar 21, 2014
I don't remember how the videos/images were structured before.

My suggestion is to have the appropriate video/image content located under the specific game shown in the forum directory. R3E Forum/R3E videos

pCars videos in the pCars forum
rFactor videos in the rFactor forum
R3E videos in the R3E forum
Just seems silly for people to have to wade through so many other videos to find videos they're interested in.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
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Dec 26, 2006
The idea is to have a more open mind towards other sims and enjoy the beauty of our virtual sports as a whole, instead of the polarization.
Mar 21, 2014
I vote for polarization, I've always wanted to go the the artic.
I.......I......c c c c c an't b b b reathe!!!!! :roflmao:
Our opinions are polarizing enough. I learned that after picking up an RD internet troll (Thank god for the ignore button).

I mean no disrespect to you - at all, but...

What if
you bought a car and the car manufacturer said, you cannot sell the vehicle to anyone else. It will just stay in your driveway until it rusts away, if you don't want it.
I am continually reminded by my steam account that I will never buy another game from that developer because I am stuck with game/s that were overhyped, I will never play, can't trade, re-sell, and can't remove from my account.

Now, I have to scroll through fanboy videos of them to get to videos that interest me?

I don't feel, not wanting to wade through other game videos is closed minded. More like personal preference. I don't think it's polarizing. Many of us play multiple sims and post in multiple sim forums.

The forums were divided for a specific reason. Over time, the videos/images will suffer the same fate as if having 1 forum location for all the games. A friend of mine (new visitor to this site) told me he could not find my video.

I turned on a timer and from the moment I opened this webpage, I spent more than 7 minutes JUST SCROLLING my mouse scroll button trying to find my video - Like a new visitor would do - and I knew what I was looking for.

But who am I to have that changed on this website. RD gave us a free place to visit, discuss, inform, celebrate and commiserate. I can appreciate that. Scrolling for 7 minutes doesn't seem like a terrible cost.
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Mar 13, 2013
Well as much as I like this place, racetube is my least visited part of it for the above reasons. I want to choose what to watch so at the moment, I just want to watch Project Cars videos, nothing else.