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RaceRoom Updated: ADAC GT Masters 2018 and Autodrom Most Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
RaceRoom ADAC GT Masters 2018. 2.jpg RaceRoom ADAC GT Masters 2018. 3.jpg RaceRoom ADAC GT Masters 2018. 6.jpg RaceRoom ADAC GT Masters 2018. 7.jpg RaceRoom ADAC GT Masters 2018. 4.jpg RaceRoom ADAC GT Masters 2018. 5.jpg
RaceRoom Racing Experience has been updated today, alongside a new DLC release of the 2018 ADAC GT Masters series and the wonderful Autodrom Most circuit.

The latest update for RaceRoom Racing Experience has been released to the simulation earlier today, addressing a number of minor issues within the title as well as adding two pieces of new DLC content - the Autodrom Most circuit in the Czech Republic, and the 2018 version of the ADAC GT Masters GT3 racing championship.

Both pieces of content are purchasable in the RaceRoom store, with Autodrom Most retailing for around £4.35, and the new ADAC GT Masters packing coming in at around £8.70 - however this price will very much depend on the linked discount system, as players who own related pieces of content will be subject to varying degrees of discount.

With regards to the game update, some of the key highlights from what is a reasonably sizeable new patch include physics changes to the GTR2 category of cars within the game, some welcome improvements to the Porsche 911 Cup GT3 car, and a raft of new camera sets for a selection of circuits within the simulation.

You can check out the full change log below, and don't forget to hop over to our RDTV Twitch channel to catch our latest Talk 'n' Drive with the new content!

RaceRoom Racing Experience Update Notes:

  • Added ADAC GT Masters 2018 car class
  • Added Most Autodrom
  • Modifications to MK Motorsport liveries present in RaceRoom, to celebrate their 40th anniversary : BMW M1 Procar #105, #151, #152. BMW M235i #308
  • Traction Control now triggers over a minimum speed to improve standing starts
  • AI - Further mprovements to behavior while racing in a pack
  • Restarting a race session now lets you access to car setup menu.
  • Changed race results so they show each group's winner's laps instead of session's lap, since it can be lower for slower classes
  • Fixed an issue with "Rotate" pitstop order (ADAC rules preset) where left and right tyres wouldn't be swapped but instead replaced with fresh ones.
  • Fixed an issue with results in a Multiclass race event
  • Fixed a reported issue where the game could show a black screen during loading if the browser tab failed to load.
Physics, Sounds, Cameras, AI
  • Audi 90Q GTO : Improved standing starts, tweaks to turbo boost.
  • GTR2 class: Physics and AI behavior improvements (smoothed out gearchanges, improved automatic gearbox behavior, reduced effective slip angle of rear tyres under load, reduced Downshift Prevention intervention, Increased blip on downshifts, tweaks to fuel estimates. Grip of soft tyres increased by 2%.
  • GTR3 class : further balance of performance tweaks, smoothed out gearshifts
  • GTR4 class : Made AI quicker, reduced Downshift Prevention intervention, tweaked gearshifts, automatic gearbox behavior improvement. Tweaks to default setup of the Lotus, increased KTM drag a bit.
  • Mercedes C-Class DTM 1995 : Smoothed out gearshifts, made AI a bit less careful.
  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup : Fixed AI rear instability. Smoothed out gearshifts and reduced Downshift Prevention intervention
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R : Cockpit sounds tweaked
  • Porsche 934 RSR : Stiffer springs on default setup
  • Porsche Cayman CS + Porsche Cayman CS MR : Smoothed the drivetrain
  • Chang (full) : fixed a blocked TV cam view
  • Laguna Seca : new static TV cams
  • Lausitzring (all layouts) : new static TV cams
  • Macau : new Static TV cams
  • Mantorp (GP + Short) : new static TV cams
  • Mid-Ohio (all layouts) : new static TV cams
  • Monza (full + junior) : new static TV cams
  • Moscow (all layouts) : new static TV cams
  • Norisring : new static TV cams
  • Nürburgring (full + dtm + short ) : new static TV cams
Performance Index have been modified:
  • FR X-17 Cup - 5
  • FR US Cup - 10
  • FR2 Cup - 15
  • P1 - 20
  • GTR X - 25
  • P2 - 30
  • DTM 2013 - 35
  • DTM 2014 - 35
  • DTM 2015 - 35
  • DTM 2016 - 35
  • C-Klasse DTM 2005 - 36
  • CLK DTM 2003 - 37
  • Hillclimb Icons - 40
  • FR3 Cup - 45
  • GTR 1 - 50
  • GTR 2 - 55
  • GTR 3 - 60
  • ADAC GT Masters 2013 - 60
  • ADAC GT Masters 2014 - 60
  • ADAC GT Masters 2015 - 60
  • Zonda R Cup - 62
  • C-Klasse DTM 1995 - 63
  • Group 5 - 65
  • GTO Classics - 70
  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - 73
  • WTCC 2014 - 75
  • WTCC 2015 - 80
  • WTCC 2016 - 80
  • WTCC 2017 - 80
  • Tatuus F4 Cup - 85
  • Procar - 90
  • KTM X-Bow RR Cup - 90
    Touring Classics - 95
    DTM 1992 - 95
    Audi TT RS cup - 99
    WTCC 2013 - 100
    Aquila CR1 Cup - 101
    WTCR 2018 - 102
    GTR 4 - 103
    Silhouette Series - 104
    German Nationals - 105
    Clubsport Trophy - 106
    Audi Sport TT Cup 2015 - 125
    Audi Sport TT Cup 2016 - 125
    Group 4 - 126
    FRJ Cup - 127
    BMW M235i Racing Cup - 128
    NSU TTS Cup - 135
Don't forget to check out our new update Talk 'n' Drive video on the RDTV Twitch channel!

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available as a free to play title on Steam PC now.

What to know more about RaceRoom Racing Experience and stay in touch with the latest news? Head over to the RaceRoom sub forum here at RaceDepartment and get yourself involved with our passionate and vibrant community. We cover the latest news, give you exclusive content to enjoy, and of course host some fantastic Club and League racing events! What’s not to like?

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The James May of Simracing
I honestly just can't comprehend someone considering the Group 5 cars "no fun to drive", doubly so just because they are on a somewhat older physics model than the latest.
Is it really so difficult to comprehend that different people have different tastes when it comes to car handling/FFB? I'm not saying you shouldn't like it, I'm saying that I don't, and that I have an issue with inconsistency in content quality.

But let me explain. I recently got a new wheel, and just this week I was in the process of configuring R3E FFB to fit my tastes. It took me a while, longer than it should, but I found a setting where the cars on the latest physics model felt really really good. I tried out a few different cars, and they all felt great. Then I tried the Gr5 Monza, and it just felt flat and much to stable. Same with the GTO cars. Then I went back to the new Gr4 Porsche, and I drove it for almost an hour around the Hungaroring because it was so much fun to drive.

Remeber that I'm not saying that those cars are bad or that anybody shouldn't like them, I'm saying that I don't enjoy them the way they are now and that other cars in the same game show me how good they could potentially be.
@Kenny Paton thanks for your reply. Makes perfect sense, I thought it was probably something like that (should have just looked at the cars at the top and bottom of the index and I might have worked it out for myself :roflmao:).

As an aside, what nights do you guys club race for raceroom? I used to be in the race 07 club for a while but kinda gave up club racing when that all folded. I should renew my membership and get stuck in again really.


"CarryOn Racing Team"
As an aside, what nights do you guys club race for raceroom? I used to be in the race 07 club for a while but kinda gave up club racing when that all folded. I should renew my membership and get stuck in again really.
Hi Kevin,
Usually its tuesdays, thursdays and sunday nights.
Today p.e., is GTR4 at Sepang GP :)
Feel welcome to show up!
A lot of content, how about some new core game features that make the content irrisistable.

  • Some shiny new graphics
  • A 24 hr cycle
  • Rain
  • Grid Girls (just do it, screw niceties go all out, naked grid girls)
  • Have you sorted the arm rotation thingy yet?
  • Informative pit crew after all how many drivers do the setup? Of course they have a huge input but come on i have never seen a driver with a spanner they are too busy with the nudie grid girls.
  • A free real life grid girl. (i need a shag)
  • Ranking system (can't think how to make this pervy)
  • Deadly gravel traps
  • DX12
It's a really cool game but i see no reason it can't be the best! and imo i would love to see a huge feature update.

Unfortunately I have to agree. Although the game is still fun, it starts feeling more and more outdated by now. rF2 and AC (with SOL and shaders) have improved their graphics a lot, ACC is looking pretty awesome (if you own a proper PC) and R3E lacks some elementary features in comparison (tyre model, weather, day-night-cycle). Instead of putting out more and more content they should work on that in order to remain competitive. It kinda feels as if they are milking money currently...
Maybe it's time to think about making a 1.0 version :D By stopping new content and adding the features the game needs. Because it starts to be really outdated, and it's a shame as the physics (the last ones) are amazingly great.

I'm afraid all of this great work on some of the cars will be forgotten and lost when new titles with good physics and much more features are out.

Why should I get a not complete gt3 pack (another gt3 pack) when ACC is on the way to be fully released with more features?

I really like raceroom but it seems everything is done to make me lose any interest in it (I used to play on raceroom only for the older cars, those which have not been updated for a long time).

Just move on sector3, announce a real new step in this sim. Or just finish updating it once for all (update the physics of ALL cars) and work on a new game, as kunos did with AC. It seems there is no clear vision from sector3 for this game. It's a great sim but it's going nowhere. Do something huge with it, it has the potential and people are still waiting for more.
Nice update, but when I saw this

Physics, Sounds, Cameras, AI
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R : Cockpit sounds tweaked
I admit my heart started pumping with excitement. I launched Raceroom immediately hoping they fixed the transmission whine... Crap, not yet, but I still believe Anthony will get into it eventually
Hi @Jopamir. Thanks for the info. Thursday is one of the two nights I can't do unfortunately (the other being Friday). Damn shame because GT4 at Sepang sounds great. Tuesdays or Sundays are potentially doable though, so I'll definitely give that some thought. I recently bit the bullet and brought the premium pack so I have all car and track combos now (something that was also holding me back before).
Is it really so difficult to comprehend that different people have different tastes when it comes to car handling/FFB?

No. But I do find it quite difficult to comprehend when someone claims one of the classes that is generally very popular and is frequently quoted all over the internet as one of *the* reasons one should give Raceroom a go because of how much fun it is to drive, is, in his opinion, "no fun to drive" and the reason given is that's because of "the old physics". You seem to be the odd one out when it comes to these cars, having a very different opinion than most, so of course it's hard to comprehend how someone can have an opinion so different from what seems to be the generally agreed upon consensus. I would find that hardly surprising - if you have an opinion that's well outside what seems to be the norm, you should kinda expect people will find that opinion odd.

And it certainly isn't helped by the fact that "the old physics" are in fact not that old and the newest physics model iteration is more of an evolution and/or refinement of the physics model they're using instead of something revolutionary different. (Not that I want in any way lessen the efforts and results of Alex Hodgkinson's work.) Plus they (IMO) handle very similarly in their other simracing incarnations.

So I honestly can't help feeling as if the actual reason you don't like these cars is not that they're on an older physics model, but simply that you don't really like how they drive in general. Which is absolutely fine, it's just that the physics model version really does have little to do with it if that's the case.
Nice update, but when I saw this

I admit my heart started pumping with excitement. I launched Raceroom immediately hoping they fixed the transmission whine... Crap, not yet, but I still believe Anthony will get into it eventually
Whats wrong with it? Having watched quite a few onboard videos I think the sounds are very accurate. The whine inside the GT3 R is very loud actually.
HOLY MOLY BATMAN. I haven't jumped on R3E since late summer, and this is amazing. So many little tweaks like renaming the clutch settings (and letting you sit in the pits when testing a car SOO NICE), and all the new content. R3E is phenomenal.